I accuseThe bashing of Israel since its birth in 1948 continues unabated especially in times when Israel had no choice but to defend itself against recalcitrant Arab enemies bent on its destruction. You may wonder, what is it with Israel whose contributions in health, biotechnology, agriculture, and the largest concentration of high-tech companies outside Silicon Valley, provokes so much hatred and unjust criticisms, unequal to any other country in the world? If it is about the bogus “occupation” It is certainly not for want that successive Israeli governments have tried in vain to reach peace with enemies who publicly avow Israel’s annihilation; in fact, no nation has made more concessions over the years to its arch enemies than Israel. I wonder just what method would be legitimate and acceptable to the international community when dealing with an enemy who will only accept wiping you off the face of the Earth? How much retaliation is necessary and/or justified? Ironically, it is worth mentioning that time and time again, throughout successive Israeli governments, in spite of Palestinian terror and incitement, each time Israel has conceded or retreated, especially after the 2005 disengagement from Gaza where over 10,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes and businesses, the world community reacted with even more incendiary criticism, heightened anti-semitism, scrutiny and condescension. So what is instigating this global loathing?

The strong bias and double-standards against Israel is becoming so bizarre, that I have come to the realization that those who are throwing these blanket accusations and wholesale blame against Israel have realized that if you aspire to become a great leader in the international community, gain friends throughout the world, and especially receive plenty of funding, all you’ll have to do is preach hatred and criticism towards the Jewish state. It is a risible advise, but one that works plenty. Just pick a few examples to substantiate this counsel – Yasser Arafat, the most prominent and diabolical terrorist leader of the past century, who pioneered airline hijacking and suicide bombers against civilians, enjoyed the status of some sort of statesman, was more invited by the then Clinton administration than any other world leader and was awarded the Nobel Prize! left wing organizations such as “J street” who is a haven for those who seek to censure Israel and campaign to discredit Israel’s self defense conflicts is warmly accepted by the Obama administration and is very well funded; and let’s not forget the Jewish high ranking leaders surrounding Obama such as Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Dan Shapiro, and the other good American Jews working with Obama as a fifth column; and lately, Obama’s shocking announcement of nominating Mary Robinson, the most vicious anti-Israel spokesman who presided over the UN’s notorious Durban conference in 2001, to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I reiterate what I said previously, and I believe this to be a sure-fire strategy: to elevate your standing in the global community a thousand-fold, and even receive large funds and bonuses, just start bashing Israel, denounce settlement activity and promulgate expulsion of settlers, become a partisan for Israel’s dismemberment and even annihilation, schmooze with terrorist organizations,  request for a Judenrein Palestinian state and the return of millions of Arab refugees to Israel, and use your influence to promote a weak Israel since according to the Jerusalem Post’s Carolyn Glick “Successive governments in Jerusalem, from the Rabin-Peres government to the Barak, Sharon and Olmert governments, all embraced the Arabist view that regional stability and hence Israeli security is enhanced by a weakened Israel.”

The good news for Israel is that the demonization of Israel has instilled a rising specter of anti-semitism especially across Europe unlike anything seen since World War II, and this alarming anti-semitic trend has prompted a big rise in the number of European Jewry immigrating to Israel, and I anticipate that this trend will increase exponentially, to fulfill Isaiah’s prophesy (11:12; 27:13; 56:8; 66:20) on the ingathering of the exiles.

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