Thousands of years of Jewish suffering, expulsions, and antisemitism, and still a large portion of the Jewish population throughout the world have not yet settled in Israel. Those who have come in the past decades have been forced to make the move due to the regimes they have been subjected to, such as Jews from Russia and the Arab countries. Jews in the Diaspora feel comfortable in their nice homes, well paid jobs and they are treated with respect, for now. But hold on to your hats, things may change when you least expect it. The world economy is in shambles, major Jewish investment firms have been accused of stealing people’s investments, and terrorist regimes are on their way to become nuclear. Who do you think are going to be blamed? The Jews! Worrisome news indicates that world’s antisemitism has increased by many folds, similarly to the Nazi times, and I believe it would be wise for Jews in the Diaspora to take the big step and contemplate moving to Israel. Moreover, if you care for Jewish survival, and especially avoid the scourge of assimilation which distances so many Jews from their religious faith and origins, you should challenge yourself and aspire to new spiritual heights.

Israel, the Holy Land, is a multicultural society and several languages are spoken. Israel remains today a bastion of freedom for any Jew in the entire world. Healthcare is available to everyone. It is a thriving democracy with rapidly expanding businesses; in fact, it is called Silicon II in the high tech and biomed industries. As opposed to what is shown on television throughout the world, this is in no way a war torn country. In fact, everyone who has made aliyah will tell you that they feel safer than in most Western countries. You can see toward the evening hours, mothers strolling with their babies, and people jogging. If you are not necessarily religious, but traditional, you will find that Jewish holidays are celebrated throughout the country and Shabbat, the day of rest, is marked by reunification of family and friends.

I am not surmising it is easy to move to Israel, in fact it isn’t. But, as opposed to the earliest olims, the move to Israel is now much easier, especially with the benefits and incentives offered by the Ministry of Absorption and the Nefesh B’ Nefesh organization. Within one year, I promise that you will acclimatize yourself to the pluses and minuses, and will settle with comfort and feel connected to the land. Many wealthy Jews prefer to live physically in Western countries, but die in Israel. Why not do both? As the Jewish scriptures states: “Behold, I have set the land before you. Go in and possess the land which the L-rd swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give to them and to their seed after them” (Deuteronomy 1:8). The Torah promises to eventually redeem us and return our inheritance to us; it appears that due to the series of natural calamities and man-made tragedies presently afflicting the world, it appears to me that the time has come.

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