ANTESEMITISM IN THE 21ST CENTURYA déjà vu scenario of anti-Semitism across Europe is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance.  With the advent of relaxed policies from the European elites towards multiculturalism, a large wave of legal and illegal Arab immigrants have inundated the European shores and are slowly, albeit steadily, creating a “culture war” between Muslim fundamentalists and the traditional character of European cities and causing mayhem vis-à-vis the Jewish populations in these countries.  As Melanie Phillips correctly presents it in her book, Europe is becoming a doomed and decadent continent that is being transformed into an Islamic colony called “Eurabia”. This trend is threatening Judeo-Christian civilization from Muslim immigrants with irreconcilable cultural values.

In the Netherlands, for instance, there are one million Muslims originating largely from Morocco who are contributing to an aggressive climate for Jews who number 40,000 and most of them do not live in organized communities. What is disturbing is that anti-Semitism is socially acceptable via excessive Dutch tolerance. Jews in this country fear for their lives and hide their identities to the point that they do not wish their synagogue to be noticeable so it has a secret address and the building does not display the Star of David. Jews in the Netherlands are advised to not wear a kippah in the streets for fear of being pelted with stones. One striking example of disrespect toward the Jews in the Netherlands was the manipulation of the Holocaust on behalf of animals. In a major square in Amsterdam, the suffering of animals was illustrated with pictures of the Holocaust. Moreover, 74% of people polled in the Netherlands consider Israel a danger to world peace!

In Spain, and partly due to its dire economic crisis,  50.4% of the Spanish population opine that “Jews have too much power since they control the economy and media” and over 34.6% have a negative opinion vis-à-vis the religious community which in Spain numbers 40,000 (report on anti-Semitism in 2010).

Ditto for England, France, Norway and the rest of Europe where the Muslim populations are no longer camouflaging their hatred towards Jews and is reaching an unprecedented anti-Semitic wave of hatred. With the advent of communication through the internet and the government’s relaxed and kowtowing attitude, it has allowed free access to hatemongers to disseminate their venom of hate throughout the European continent and the U.S. for that matter.

Oddly, Jews have been the cause of humanity’s deep and permanent hatred. The survival of the Jewish people has been so uncertain that it is reflected in a statement of the Pessah Haggadah which says “In every generation they rise against us in order to annihilate us.” The Muslim world is urged by their Imams to hate Jews which is characterized by motifs from Nazism and medieval Christendom and unfortunately, this hatred is condoned by the rest of the world who keeps oppressing Israel to divide its land with a terrorist entity whose covenant urges the annihilation of Israel. Europe was responsible for the systematic, government-sponsored genocide of six million European Jews which was the culmination of centuries of hatred and violent persecution. Presently, it is allowing its increasing Muslim populations to vilify their Jewish citizens. Their abhorrent conduct will no longer threaten the Jews because Israel, miraculously after 2,000 years of persecution, can finally defend itself, is able to forge its own destiny and provide a safe haven for persecuted Jews worldwide.


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