nuclear bombThe world today is indeed on shaky grounds, and the Jewish state and Jews throughout the world are being once again targeted as an undesirable entity that needs to be obliterated. Injustices, lies and nefarious conspiracies are reaching new heights to delegitimize the only democratic country in the Middle East in the form of fictional accusations against the Jewish army who has been relentlessly provoked since 1948 to defend its citizens against wars, rockets, suicide bombings and despicable propaganda meant to portray Jews as an alien monstrosity. The Jewish army who has been praised by many respectable U.S. generals as the most moral army in the world, has been accused of such evil and absurd lies as harvesting organs from Palestinians and of indiscriminately killing harmless Palestinian children as depicted recently in a governmental run TV program in Turkey. In fact, blood libels reminiscent of medieval blood libel accusations are certainly meant to encourage hate crimes against Jews. As the former Canadian Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler described it, “it is a genocidal anti-semitism, the public calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people” wherever they may be.

Just as the Obama administration has strategically surrounded itself with Jew boys who couldn’t care less about their religion and the Jewish state to pressure Israel to make concessions to a fictional Palestinian entity, the Goldstone report, headed by a Jew from South Africa, is shamelessly parroting the tiresome resolutions of the UN Human Rights Council whose campaign is aimed at denigrating, delegitimizing and demonizing Israel without any shred of evidence and irrespective of the thousands of Hamas rockets hitting Israel for several years, a terrorist aggression which has no parallel elsewhere in the world.

The forces of evil are tirelessly working overtime to destroy Israel and encouraging anti-semitism throughout the world, nothing short of insanity. Although Jews have survived injustices and slaughter for millennia, this age old canard is once again raising its ugly head in spite of the horrors of the past. In parallel, Muslim extremists are determined to eliminate democratic values and replace them with Muslim caliphates based on Shariah law through mass inflows of Muslims to Western countries.

No one in this world today is immune to imminent catastrophes in the making. The leaders of the Free world are hesitant of taking strong measures to stop rogue states such as Iran to acquire nuclear weapons that could very well fall into terrorist hands in the waiting. They are afraid that attacking Iran may initiate the closure of the Strait of Hormuz which supplies 20% of the world’s oil and thus create an untenable world’s economic crisis. However, a nuclear threat from a country that is described as a “messianic apocalyptic cult” who believes that Allah and time is on their side would translate into a devastating catastrophe for the entire civilized world with horrific repercussions. Israel may have no choice but to obliterate this threat not only for its sake, but for the sake of the future safety and prosperity of the free world.


  1. i read lots of news blogs about nuclear threat of iran. in a real way situation is very complecated. mr. ahmadinedjad got support of russia and china who are ready to provide him enriched uranium and other goods. thats why he is not scared of sanctions or deadlines of usa. the only thing that is good-is that there are growth of opposition in iran and maybe there are small chance that ahmadinedjad will be overthrowen. to be honest-i am just scared….


  2. Your writing is incredibly paranoid and even racist. “Jew boys”? What is that?
    President Obama intends to be fair with the state of Israel. If only Israel could reciprocate, and drop the blockade against the innocent people of Gaza.

    Israel has nothing to fear from Iran if Israel itself would stop making constant threats and stop bombing its neighbors.


    1. My writing is based on facts on the ground, it is neither racist nor paranoid, it is the plain truth; Jew boys is a term used for Jews who deny their ancestry and assimilate. To prove that they are just like any other non Jews, they go as far as denigrating and causing more harm to their brethens and Israel than any other entity on earth. Israel’s bombardment as you call it is in self-defense against terrorists bent on killing civilians and destroying Israel. Iran and its proxies follow this rule and even had the honesty of proclaiming what their real intent is, that of ‘erasing Israel from the map’.


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