obama-changeSo, President Barak Hussein Obama was caught on camera bowing to the Saudi King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia! I repeat, the leader of the free world bows to the King of human right abuses in the world! Let me refresh your mind about policies in Saudi Arabia:

According to Saudi Arabia’s Sharia law, robbery is punished by amputation of hands and feet. Capital punishment in the form of beheading is carried out in public, meaning, children can watch this most backward and atrocious of events. What is most appalling, are the human right abuses against women, what is also called “gender apartheid.”  Indeed, women are considered as inferior to men and are treated accordingly. For instance, women are segregated to their homes and their minds are only good enough to keep their home clean and procreate as many children as possible. By law, women’s testimony is not considered a fact, but a presumption. They cannot travel on their own unless escorted by a male relative. Most abhorrent is that woman beating is not regarded as a crime and thus, spousal abuse is customary. In addition, Saudi Arabia prohibits any practice of non-Muslim religion, and Jews are not allowed to enter their country. In fact, their textbooks proclaim that Jews are considered wicked, destined by God for perdition.

So, as stated in my first paragraph, President Hussein Obama, who represents the Free World, is bowing to the antithesis of justice, law and equality among men and women, to a country where individual rights are nonexistent and who speaks atrocities against the Jews. To compound this dichotomy, Hussein Obama expressed his support for the 2002 Saudi “peace” plan which entails leaving Israel with indefensible (the Auschwitz) borders. Now you have it. The U.S., under the Hussein Obama’s leadership, is willing to place Israel (U.S.’s strongest ally) on the suicidal course to appease the Arab world.  Most disturbingly, this so-called new leader of the free world is cognizant of the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers in the U.S. 9/11 massacre were Saudis, that Osama Bin Laden, a Wahhabist, is from Saudi Arabia, and that Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith, taught in Madrassas throughout the world, promulgates their “pure” Islam on all Muslims, and encourages launching a jihad against the world.

So, who needs enemies when even Israel’s closest ally is willing to stab the only democratic country of the Middle East in the back? Israel is prophesied to be alone and act alone, as we were during the Holocaust. But it is better to be alone than with the wrong friends. Now, isn’t time for Israel to take charge of her own destiny? It is only through this reality that the House of Israel can prevail.

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