mahmoud-abbasIn many of my previous essays under the “terrorism” category, I have stressed the futility and danger for Israel to cede more land to the Palestinian authority which also comprises the terrorist entity, Hamas, a satellite of Iran and Hezbollah. In 1993, the famous White House Lawn signing of the Oslo agreement, effectively brought Arafat and his regime of murderers as peace partners in Israel.  Since then, this arch-terrorist and inventor of plane hijackings, brainwashed an entire generation of Palestinians to the duty of hating Jews and the rewards awaiting them in paradise by killing them.  He fooled the world by speaking in English of the “peace of the brave” and of his recognition of Israel. But in Arabic, he promoted the historic exclusive rights of the Palestinian people to historic Palestine, based exclusively on religious grounds. He instigated a jihad or holy war in Israel against the Jews through unrelenting suicide bombings which took the lives of hundreds of innocent women and children in Israel.

Upon Arafat’s death, the cause of which has remained a mystery, this PLO leader who left behind him hundreds of families morning for their children and who stole hundreds of millions of dollars for his private coffers from incredulous Western donors, was given a hero’s burial ceremony by the then President of France, Jacques Chirac, and the United Nations in New York honored him by lowering its flag to half-mast.

What this story, that you probably all know shows, is that terrorism wins. We have seen it with Arafat, and we are also seeing it with Hezbollah, Iran and with the new terrorist leader of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas. Enter Mahmoud Abbas who is considered by the world community as an ideal partner for Israel. In fact, Mr. Abbas, along with Arafat, is one of the founding members of the notorious Fatah terrorist organization, and his doctoral dissertation in 1982 refuted the Jewish holocaust. In addition, Mr. Abbas wrote a book which was later translated into Arabic entitled “The secret relationship between Nazism and Zionism.” Due to his anti-Israel propaganda background, he became an idyllic partner for Arafat. By the way, it is important to mention that the PLO was created prior to Israel’s 1967 victory and acquisition of the “occupied” territories, indicating that their terrorist mandate was to wipe Israel off the map.

In essence, Mr. Abbas is following Arafat’s footsteps; the only difference is that he is wearing a suit and a tie. The U.S., the EU, UN and quartet view this “moderate” leader as an answer to their prayers of shrinking Israel to suicidal borders. Mr. Abbas categorically refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state since if he did so, it would revoke what Arafat had been proclaiming to his people throughout his career, that the Jews have no historic or cultural link to Israel and that no Jewish temples ever existed, in fact that we are usurpers of the land.

Israel is threatened in all of its borders by fanatical religious terrorist entities bent on the destruction of Israel. The imposed Western Annapolis and road map, and the Arab suicidal Saudi plan with a “peace” partner such as Abbas, an Arafat clone, are no peace solutions, but rather the “final solution” used by Nazis for the eradication of the Jewish race. Throughout the Jewish scriptures, God promised that the Jewish nation is eternal and that no evil forces committed to its destruction will ever prevail. This covenant has already been proven throughout Israel’s five war victories since 1948 against implacable Arab enemies and it will continue until the final Jewish redemption.

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