un-flagThere is no end to Israel bashing which continues unabated, especially by the U.N., an organization that is supposed to show to the world that bias against any specific country is not allowed. This time, the U.N., which is unfairly represented by a large number of Israel’s enemies, produced a very harsh report accusing the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of intentionally firing at the UNRWA facilities and at civilians hiding in them during the Cast Lead conflict with Hamas. This U.N. report, to be expected, refrained from even mentioning the terrorist entity, Hamas. What do you expect from the U.N. and its Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, when it just gave the podium to the most popular Jew hater, Ahmadinejad from Iran at Durban II?

As you may have read in my previous reports, Hamas is an evil incarnate organization that repudiates Jews and does not recognize Israel. Their modus operandi in conflicts, similarly to Hezbollah, is to use its Palestinian civilian population, including women and children, as human shields and to hide in civilian infrastructures such as hospitals, schools, mosques and U.N. facilities such as UNRWA. Hamas knows very well that the IDF is a moral army and that Israel cares for civilian casualties. Thus, this strategy is a win-win situation for these terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah – if Israel’s intelligence warns the IDF of terrorist targets in civilian areas, the army would most probably resort to abandon the firing allowing the terrorists some relief; if, however, the IDF fires on these areas, they are accused by the world of creating a crime against humanity, which also benefits the terrorists.

Moreover, this U.N. report which is blatantly biased, failed to report the reason why Israel opted to defend itself against intensive rockets attacks to Israel’s civilian populations in the South. The U.N. probably assumes that in the case of Israel, unlike any other country in the world, it should disregard this unrelenting “home-made rockets” and absorb them as sitting ducks in a shooting gallery. This writer wonders how many countries in the world would have waited over the five years that Israel abstained itself to defend its population from uncontrolled rocket attacks? Yet, in spite of this abnormal situation, the U.N. never accused Hamas or made any relevant noise to stop this incessant barrage of rockets to Israeli civilian populations. Instead, the U.N. resorted to not even mention this terrorist attack against Israel in this recent report, in addition to abstaining to accuse this terrorist entity of using its population as human shields.

This writer hopes that there are many people reading http://newsbeyondnews/ reports since they are meant to open your eyes for you to realize that it is not just Israel which is confronting terrorist enemies, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, etc.; it is also obvious that the U.N. whose charter is to achieve world peace, for unknown reasons, is opting to ignore terrorist entities such as Hamas and does not formally recognize any country as a terrorist state.  If these forces of evil are not defeated swiftly very soon, in the not too distant future, this threat will intensify and the free world will wake up one morning with devastating news of a major magnitude that will change their lives that you invested and fought so much upon from democratic values and standards, justice and human rights into an Islamist tsunami that will enslave the world as you know it.

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