will not buildingIt is obvious that the world leaders’ fixation on stopping settlement activity in Judea and Samaria (real names of what they call the West Bank) prevail over disastrous and genocidal events taking place in our planet which have regional and global implications such as genocide in Afghanistan by the Taliban, the riots by the oppressive and theocratic regime in Iran, the humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur, the displacement of millions of refugees in N. Pakistan, the unrelenting nuclear proliferation in N. Korea and Iran, the Islamic race toward establishing shariah law throughout the world through force, and on, and on.  It is indeed very worrisome that our lives and freedom as human beings are in the hands of weak and unrealistic leaders who are bowing down to corruption and dictatorships such as the latest appeasement speech by Barak Hussein Obama to the Islamic world.

The greatest and most enduring fabrication of the past century is the Palestinian historical and cultural claims to the Land of Israel. Let me remind you that there was never a Palestinian state in Israel nor was there Palestinian language or culture in this land. In fact, prior to 1948, Jews were called Palestinians. Everyone seems to discard the important fact that this Palestinian claim never happened prior to the 1967 six-day Israel’s victory war. Never mind that the leaders of Europe and U.S. are completely ignoring this important fact, and that they are well aware that the Palestinian claims are a hoax. These leaders are either Pavlovian idiots or anti-Semites. In either case, Israel is receiving the brunt of the ills of the world by being pressured to split their tiny land with an entity that is bent on conquering it in stages. It is obvious that such a plan represents a death sentence to the survival of Israel. In fact, solving the Israel/Palestinian conflict will not pacify Islamic extremism in the world; it is just an excuse for continued incitement and a strategic goal of destroying freedom in the Western world and restoring Islamic caliphates globally.

There isn’t room between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean for two viable states to exist and it is a formula for economic decline and worsening warring conflicts. The conflict between the Palestinian authority/Hamas and Israel is not, as all leaders of the world claim as territorial, it is about ideology and the hatred that exists in the Arab world vis-a-vis the Jewish state.  No cessation of settlement construction leading to an Islamic Palestinian state will quash the thirst of the Islamic populace to destroy Jewish presence in the Middle East. The latest appeasement speech by Hussein Obama with its declaration that the U.S. will never be at war with Islam, will only strengthen the Islamic terrorists of the world to continue their fanatic and ultimate war against the West and their freedom values for all its citizens.

If settlement activity in Judea and Samaria represents or symbolizes the ills of the world, then everyone should breathe in relief. But unfortunately, all the incessant comings and goings of government leaders from Europe and the U.S. to subjugate Israel into stopping to build extra bathrooms in an established so-called settlement while ignoring real threatening extremist conflicts and warfare in other parts of the globe will not only strengthen and instill more confidence to terrorists, but hasten the prophesied clash of civilizations to take its toll in our times.

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