the-clock-is-tickingIn the past, I have written many essays warning Israel against making any peace treaty with the terrorist entities, the PLO and Hamas. I have emphasized the absurdity and danger of ceding any land from Israel to those who desire Israel’s annihilation. This present essay is to confirm my previous thoughts.

Just recently, you have probably read the headlines with regard to the PLO’s position vis-à-vis recognition of the State of Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rightly so, requested the President of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” prior to pursuing any peace deals.  As expected, the Palestinian authority rejected this concept and called it a “provocation” and claimed that the new Israeli government was placing obstacles before the “solution” of two states for two peoples being promoted by the United States. Hamas, on the other hand, being more forthright and less hypocritical than the PLO, has always followed this mindset, calling it not Israel, but the Zionist entity.

I would like the International community of nations to pause and question why in the world Israel should withdraw back to the pre-1967 borders, give up half of Jerusalem including our holiest of sites, evict hundreds of thousands of Jewish families from their homes, in exchange for a false peace with two entities whose only goal is to annihilate the Jewish state? Obama’s special envoy, George Mitchell, can talk all he wants, shuttle hundreds of times to Israel, set up an office in Jerusalem, and offer his hypocritical smile to all of the leaders of Israel, but what he desires is to gain fame, add kudos to his resume and obey Obama’s strategy of schmoozing with the terrorists, to the detriment of Israel. Jordan’s King Hussein is also charging at full gallop toward creating a suicidal two-state in the heart of Israel, just looking toward his own interest of preventing the potential settlement of a bulk of hostile Palestinians to his shores.

In the present Durban II conference held yesterday, April 21st 2009, many nations except a few have once again shown their true colors. We have seen Norway and Switzerland welcome and applaud Iran’s President, Ahmadinejad, the most famous typification of anti-Semitic personalities, deliver a vitriolic speech still debasing the Jewish state and pressing for its eradication. Aside from Israel, he also accused the Western world of setting off both World War I and II and of imposing unfair economic conditions on the developing world. As you all know, Iran identifies the U.S. as “the great Satan” and Israel as “the little Satan.” With this type of malevolent and accusatory rhetoric, by a country bent on acquiring deadly nuclear power, the U.S. and Europe should be wise to bond together and stop this continuing threat by all means necessary rather than using Obama’s strategy of appeasing the Islamic world through carrots and praises, thus allowing more time for this fanatical Iranian leadership to fulfill its genocidal threat against the world.

This writer should not be labeled either right, left, or centrist wing; I base my comments on facts on the ground and hope that given the evidence, the readers of these essays will realize that the clock is indeed ticking toward an incoming nuclear threat by a country and allies whose fanaticism and obsessive desire to Islamize and rule the world is quickly forthcoming, unless courage, wisdom and pragmatism on the part of the Western countries take precedent.

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