un-flagWelcome to the U.N. sponsored Durban II circus on racism to be held in Geneva. The U.N., whose creation following the genocide and massacres of World War II, was to maintain world peace and encourage respect for human rights, is actually accentuating and promoting ad nausaum the tyrannical demonization of Israel that took place in the previous Durban I conference in South Africa. To make matters even worse, the U.N. so-called leaders for human rights invited to lecture, Ahmadinejad, who just by his presence at the podium without even ousting a single word, symbolizes the epitome of human right abuses, genocidal threats against a member country such as Israel, his patronage of terrorism, in short, the antithesis of what this conference is meant to achieve.

To compound the malevolent direction of this second conference, it is pathetic that the Human Rights Council elected none other than Libya to chair the agenda and objectives of this conference, with 19 vice-chair luminaries such as Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and South Africa, none of which symbolizes by any length of the imagination the picture of equality, justice or human rights. Moreover, we have also just witnessed the hypocrisy behind the President of Switzerland who has just paid his respects to Ahmadinejad, a holocaust denier and a tyrant who should instead be isolated and utterly defeated.

The world is indeed in dire shambles! The U.N. has proven to be so ineffective, biased, unfair and in direct contradiction to its declared goals of bringing peace and harmony to the world, that it should be disbanded right out. The world certainly does not need an organization that is failing in its mandate and is instead promoting and accepting leaders of countries who ferment genocide, de-stabilization and dictatorial elements while ignoring famine, carnage and genocide and corrupt leaders in places such as Africa, North Korea and many others. The U.N.’s obsession with Israel, the object of this diabolical charade, knows no limits. There is a large collection of U.N. resolutions criticizing Israel unmatched by any other nation. Israel is a democratic sovereign country who has been forced to defend itself since its birth against the forces of evil bent on its elimination. We cannot subsist in a world led by leaders who unjustly and premeditatedly support and promote the bashing and demonization of a member state to appease devilish and hysterical anti-Semites characterized mainly by Islamic and dictatorial countries.

It is about time that a major house cleaning is undertaken globally starting with its symbol, the U.N., by either reforming the U.N. policies or rather its total dismantling. Failure to do so would encourage more and more haters and evildoers to de-stabilize the world and create a global aura of corruption with attacks of utmost virulence on human rights synonymous to the medieval Dark Ages.

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