Enough is Enough!I am stunned by the hypocrisy of the “International world community” to impose on Israel to use restraint in the face of continuous rocket attacks now for decades by a de facto terrorist organization living just a few kilometers away from Israel. That the United Nations’ Chief Ban Ki Moon, and EU’s leaders demand that Israel stop its defensive operations are mind boggling and hypocritical to say the least. No country in the world would allow its citizens to be subjected to unprovoked deadly rockets that not only cause death, but intolerable living conditions. The world community only cares for their own interests such as uninterrupted sources of cheap oil and political appeasement of Muslim countries which number over a billion compared to the measly 13 million Jews.


Since Israel wrongly withdrew from Gaza, causing 8,000 Jews to leave their homes and businesses, it has become an enclave of terrorist organizations, including Al Qaida operatives whose aim is to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamist caliphate. Encouraged by the new Middle East led by Egyptian Muslim brotherhood leaders, Hamas has been emboldened to defy Israel and cause mayhem in Israel. This is a dangerous trend since it encourages other Muslim Brotherhood movements to follow suit and replace regional governments with radical Islamic operatives with dire consequence for the entire world.


We have recently witnessed a major escalation of Hamas rocket capabilities with the use of Iranian Fajr-5 rockets which brought Tel Aviv and Jerusalem within range of Hamas attacks.  This upgrade of weaponry is certainly a testing ground which can be evaluated by the Iranian Mullahs in view of Israel’s desire to stop Iran from attaining nuclear capabilities. I have no doubt that Hamas is initiating this war with Israel with the complicity of Iran. Testing the Iranian-made rocket capabilities initiated for the first time by Hamas will provide invaluable information on how the weapons work under various conditions and serve as an indicator of military strength, in the face of Israel’s successful interceptor, the Iron Dome.


I firmly believe that in order to stop terrorist assaults against Israel now and in the future, Israel needs to disregard the international communities’ appeal for restraint, and use its forces to obliterate Hamas and other terrorist operatives within Gaza for good through land, sea and air strikes. There is no room for weakness now; making any type of deal with such entities such as Hamas is a no-win situation otherwise Israel will continue to be at the mercy of continuous forces of evil meant to destroy the Jewish state. Wars are destructive, but many times are necessary to remove dangerous entities that not only harm their own people but peoples in other nations if given the chance. In fact, the Nazi threat was solved through war and the United States independence was founded through wars. Terrorists, in this case Hamas and Iran, disregard diplomacy and even economic pressures. For the sake of peace and stability in the world, these evil entities should be eradicated to protect a society’s way or life, resources, culture, or religion.

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