Europe was responsible for the systematic, government-sponsored genocide of six million European Jews which was the culmination of centuries of hatred and violent persecution, often inspired by Christian theology. Yet, sixty years later, anti-Jewish sentiment continues unabated against Israel and the Jewish people.  Socialist Europe has allowed millions of Arabs into their shores to the point that Europe is now commonly known as Eurabia and in London, even Sharia law is being practiced on Muslim civil cases.

Europe, supposedly a modern civilized country, should acknowledge firsthand that the enemies that surround Israel, these so-called “martyrs” or “resistance fighters” are nothing else than brainwashed, misguided young Arabs determined to murder and destroy everything in their paths, including women and children.  However, cognizant of the large number of Arabs inhabiting their countries and the billion of Arabs around, they rather condemn a tiny country such as Israel with only 6 million Jews and shovel the Road Map into their throats, a detrimental prize for terror.

Geert Wilders, the courageous Danish producer of the film “Fitna” has been recently barred from entering London. This film describes the massacres (including 9/11) perpetrated in the name of radical Islam. Whatever happened to Freedom of speech in Britain? Yet, during the Israel/Gaza war, hordes of people were allowed to march displaying atrociously anti-Semitic insults such as “Jews going back to the ovens.”  It is shameful what I have witnessed and heard so far from the EU, the UN, as well as the so-called Human Rights organizations to castigate Israel at the first opportunity with absolutely no moral grounds for doing so and encouraging the resurgence of history’s most terrible evil – antisemitism.

Europe, I have no respect for you, for your tactics, your bias, and your patent hatred toward Israel and the Jewish people in general.  By this abhorrent attitude, you are showing little guilt from your past deeds by continuing to condone antisemitic attitudes, forcing Israel to go back to the suicidally indefensible pre-1967 borders (Auschwitz borders), an irresponsible capitulation to terrorism.

I hope with all my heart that in this century, it is vital that Europe and the Arab world should break this fearful tradition of unfounded jewish hatred.  It is only through this realization that harmony and justice can be achieved throughout the world.


  1. Hi,
    I have seldom read such a senseless ramble. First off, throwing all of Europe into one basket is never a very good idea, but especially in this context. If you remember from history there were large parts of Europe, that suffered as much under the holocaust as Judaism.
    Secondly it is a mistake to equate Judaism and Israel. Judaism should not be blamed for the mistakes made by Israel, nor can Israel claim the “guilt of Europe” for itself alone.
    In fact Israel has enjoyed a carte blanche on its actions for a long time. If any other country had acted so recklessly it would have been stomped on a long time ago. Israel can be criticized and that is legitimate.
    Now you are right that there is anti-semitism in Europe and that is deplorable. You should realize though that there is also “anti-muslimism” as well. And both of these exist outside of Europe as well. Furthermore you need to realize that there are also those in Europe that support either Judaism or Israel or both. One of those you have named yourself (Geert Wilders).

    To make a statement like “Europe, I have no respect for you, for your tactics, your bias,…” is utterly disgraceful and does not strengthen the respect others will have for you.


  2. I am sorry that you found this article distasteful and senseless. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however, I disagree completely with you on the following points:

    1. You mentioned that I am “throwing all of Europe into one basket.” My response to you is very simple and brief: Although not all victims were jews, all jews were the victims.

    2. “It is a mistake to equate Judaism and Israel.” I am sorry to disappoint you, but the reality is that Israel is a JEWISH state and the world knows that. To differentiate between the two indeed reflects ignorance of what is going on. Just take a look at the huge worldwide anti-jewish demonstrations during the Israel/Lebanon II and Gaza wars! If there was a difference between Israel and Judaism, how come antisemitism became rampant worldwide, especially in Europe, because of Israel’s defensive actions? You even agree with me that antisemitism in Europe is deplorable.. If the world thought that Israel and Jews are different entities, then the jews worldwide would not suffer, but they have and they are because Israel is a Jewish state!

    3. “Israel has enjoyed a carte blanche on its actions for a long time. If any other country had acted so recklessly it would have been stomped on a long time ago”
    How in the world can you call Israel’s defensive war reckless?? Do you think that any other country in the world would have suffered thousands of rockets to its civilians and suicide bombings for such a long time without acting??? Israel has always been criticized for its defensive actions and the world should rather focus on terrible human rights abuses in countries like Sudan, Lybia, Syria, and the Arab world in general.

    4. “There is also anti-muslimism” – The very few courageous people such as Geert who have criticized Islam have received fatwa’s for their deaths. Antimuslism is not rampant at all like antisemitism is; the world is afraid of the Muslisms but not of the Jews, after all, we are very few in numbers.

    5. Finally, I, personally, do not respect a so-called civilized country such as Europe who keeps criticizing the Jewish state of Israel over and over, even calling for academic and business boycotts and challenge the legitimacy of Israel’s existence in addition to pressuring this very tiny country into oblivion through the peace process which means forcing it to withdraw to indefensible borders.


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