Some 220,000 Arabs live in East Jerusalem, and they all carry Israeli I.D. cards which allow them freedom to travel throughout the country. In March, 2009 an Arab man from E. Jerusalem went on a rampage with a massive construction vehicle, trying to kill as many civilians as possible.  Fortunately, this murderer was stopped by bystanders and shot dead by police. This is an isolated incident, but the third time in months that an E. Jerusalemite has turned a construction vehicle into a lethal weapon with the aim of killing innocent civilians. The most devastating rampage was in early July, 2008 when three people were killed and dozens were injured through the same strategy.

Another disturbing event occurred in 2002 when three Arab employees at a popular café in downtown Jerusalem confessed to plotting to lace pitchers of Coca Cola with a tasteless, odorless poisonous substance that was to have been provided by a Hebrew University of Jerusalem laundromat employee. This substance apparently causes death 15 hours after being ingested, with the victim appearing to suffer a heart attack.

Going forward, in early 2008, an Arab who worked for three years at a restaurant together with a fellow employee who was his accomplice, planned to poison the restaurant’s clientele with a white, odorless and tasteless poison with a slow-release component which would have been undetectable when slipped into the food, in order to maximize the number of diners killed. Cognizant of the freedom and work permits delivered to Arabs living in Israel, terror organizations have tried several times to recruit Arab cooks and waiters to poison food at Israeli restaurants.

Most disturbingly, Israeli Arabs and the Arab Knesset members identify with Iran, Hezbollah and other groups that reject Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. In addition, a Haifa University poll indicates that 63% of the Jewish population is rightly afraid of entering Arab communities in Israel. Moreover, it was reported that 28% of Israeli Arabs do not believe the Holocaust happened, and that among high school and college graduates the figure was even 33%.

Thus, Israel’s enemies are not only outside its borders, but within. Obviously, this Fifth column is oiling its engine to create havoc in Israel and terrorist countries and entities are only too happy to support them for their ultimate goal of destroying the Jewish state.

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