pinocchioEver since 1948, Israel has been forced to defend itself against implacable enemies, and the rest of the world rather than support this small Jewish state, is even questioning its existence. These insidious critical voices mostly originate from the European elites as well as from the American left who are instigating the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel and replacing it with a bi-national Palestinian-Jewish state in its place.

With all this negative brouhaha, one wonders what created this enormous rejection of Israel. It seems that those in charge of the political course and social stability in the world are ignoring the incontestable historic and cultural rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, more so than in any other country in the world.  Most importantly, Israel is the only state that was created in the last century whose legitimacy was recognized by both the League of Nations and the United Nations. In fact, historically, early recognition was acknowledged by such world leaders as President Adams and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The most astonishing invention that has come about since Arafat was brought to Israel in 1964 from Tunis with the creation of the PLO, were the famous words “occupation” and “Palestinian people.” I challenge all of you to define the origins of Palestine and the basis for “occupation.” Arafat has claimed that there was an Arab Palestinian society in place prior to the birth of Israel, whose rights are even superior. Yet, if you bother to look at the historical records, when the Jewish presence settled the land, there was a large influx of Arabs from neighboring countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan who were searching for economic opportunities brought about by the Jews.

What about the obsessive repeated word “occupation?” Has a sovereign state called “Palestine” ever existed? No. Was there a state of Palestine promised by the UN Security Council Resolution 242? No. How Jews were called pre-1948? Palestinians.  Was the term “occupation” ever mentioned prior to 1967? No.

It is obvious that Israel has an insurmountable battle in order to discredit the lies brought about not only by the Arab world, but especially by the anti-Semites, the media, the UN, the EU, and the Jewish left. These deliberate blunders to delegitimize the State of Israel are worse than actions and it would be very hard to uproot them than to plant them in the first place. So how do you fight lies?  By exposing the factual truth in a multifaceted fashion throughout all corners of the world, with all Jews, some 13 millions of them starting with the Government of Israel, being the participants.

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