With Friends Like These, Who Needs Friends?

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, WHO NEEDS FRIENDS?President Barack Hussein Obama is once again confirming his true colors as a Muslim and placatory friend following his Middle East speech on Thursday, May 19th, 2011. We are now facing what the Israel government calls as the “new Arafat.” I have brought up in my previous article how the world is turning “upside down,” an eye opener book written by Melanie Phillips. True to Phillips’ message, Obama, the leader of the free world, is siding with evil by asking Israel to give up land, back to the 1967 lines, that would in essence place Israel in suicidal and dangerous borders, meaning, just an indefensible 9 mile waist, and a mere 3 km from the major civilian centers in Israel, that splits the country in two (Abba Eban in fact called these borders as the Auschwitz borders).

You may wonder why the major ally and “friend” of Israel is supporting the PLO/Fatah/Hamas terrorist organization, at the expense of the only democratic country in the Middle East? Do not delude yourselves about Obama. His 2009 Cairo speech also raised this terrorist organization and the rest of the Arab world in the highest tree against Israel. For this U.S. President, it is more advantageous and worthwhile to use Israel as the “sacrificial lamb” than to irritate 1.2 billion angry Muslims. Through his political speech, he is cornering Israel in an untenable and indefensible position if and when negotiations with Abbas and his newly alliance with Hamas are renewed.

The President of the Free World, Barak Hussein Obama, is actually saying to Israel: Never mind that Fatah glorifies terrorists who killed women and children in their city squares, never mind that Abbas’ Ph.D. thesis is blatantly anti-Semitic, never mind that Hamas’ covenant indisputably pursues the eradication of Israel and replaces it by an Islamic Caliphate. In fact, as explicitly quoted by the PA leadership since its inception, “peace is a means; the goal is Palestine.” All of these negative points are completely ignored by Obama so that what he calls a peaceful two-state solution can be actualized. This President is not stupid, he is well aware that kowtowing to the Arab world by asking Israel to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders, Israel will lose its ability to defend itself.    You may wonder, would Europe and the U.S., for the sake of appeasement, spare some of their vast land to terrorist entities such as Al Qaida or the Taliban?

It is now crystal clear that the ghost of Arafat continues to hover over Obama’s head and the international community to pressure Israel to abandon its rights as a sovereign country and to commit genocidal paths. Israel’s greatest ally, the U.S., is following the path of other Western nations of abandoning Israel. As prophesied in the Jewish scriptures, Israel was always meant to stand alone, ever since Balaam, instead of cursing them, blessed them with the destiny of “a people dwelling alone, not reckoning itself among the nations.” (Numbers 23:9).

No American President and no overwhelming pressure from the world will ever force Israel to be the second Czechoslovakia and be forced to commit suicide by giving land to terrorist organizations and be exposed to another Holocaust. If Obama dreams of his ambition to be the first President to actualize “peace” between Israel and the “Palestinians” he is in for a downfall. If Obama continues with his dangerous anti-Israel stand which actually nullifies his continuous pledges of safeguarding the security and well being of Israel, his re-election campaign for a second term will fail and Israel, as prophesied, will actually prevail.


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