WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESEAs if Israel did not have enough problems dealing with terrorism surrounding this tiny country and the scrutiny of the international community trying to undermine and prevent it from defending itself, we have now an Obama administration which in less than 100 days has forthrightly adopted the negotiating position of Arabs vis-à-vis Israel. Why I keep rehashing on Obama’s stand toward Israel, very simply, because facts on the ground speak loudly about his rebuke of the only democratic country in the Middle East, as opposed to his soft and partnering stand with the Islamic world.

For starters, we have seen the escalating pressure that Barack Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been putting on Israel to stop settlement construction, including for normal growth, in fact parroting Palestinian authority’s President Abbas, who has proclaimed that “peace talks” will not take place unless the Jewish people beyond the green line, are not only prevented from having babies or marrying, but they are expected to be evicted from Judea and Samaria, thus making these territories judenrein.

Obama’s apparent and overt alliance with the Arab world, including his apologetic speech delivered recently in Cairo, deliberately ignored past terrorism and Jihadist conflicts perpetrated against Israel as a result of the defunct Oslo agreement in spite of Israel’s continuous gestures toward peace. This so-called “staunch ally” is also ignoring the writings in the PA’s and Hamas covenants, their media incitement and Imams’ brainwashing tactics preaching that Palestine was stolen from them and that Israel has no right whatsoever to even an inch of the land.

Obama’s stand and Middle East policies against Israel including his soft talk on Iran have major Jewish leaders in the U.S. worried. For example, in his recent speech in Cairo, Obama spoke of Palestinian “resistance” a term that can only be translated into Israel being an illegal occupier, followed by equating the Palestinian “struggle” with Black South Africans during apartheid, in fact confirming the Arab allegation that Israel is a racist, apartheid state. To add salt to the wound, Obama also proclaimed that the Jewish homeland came about with the tragic history of the Holocaust, either deliberately or naively disregarding Jewish historical, cultural and biblical roots to Israel for thousands of years. All in all, Obama’s apparent evenhandedness between Islamic entities such as the PA and Hamas and Israel’s struggle for survival is quite disconcerting and worrisome.

We are stuck with a President of the U.S. who is kowtowing to hostile and terrorist entities and who refuses to call evil by its name. In the meantime, the clock is ticking quickly and Iran is continuing its deadly path toward producing nuclear weaponry. As Obama’s shocking offense to Israel and the Jewish people in general is becoming more prominent and dangerous, it is obvious that Israel’s survival and future hinges on taking its decisions on national security into its own hands.

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