In the context of the forthcoming Durban II conference in March 2009, it would be worth reviewing what transpired during the Durban I conference in 2001 held in South Africa. Mary Robinson, the UN High Commissioner for human rights presided as Secretary General. Although the purpose of this gathering was to denounce human right abuses throughout the world, it was Israel who was specifically targeted BY the global community as a racist practitioner of apartheid and crimes against humanity, while completely disregarding the blatant abuses perpetrated by other countries.  The majority of countries called for the reinstitution of the 1975 Resolution 3379, which declared unabashedly that Zionism = racism, subsequently rescinded in 1991. What was disturbing during this 2001 Durban I, conference was the revolting literature that was circulated which included caricatures of Jews with hooked noses, Palestinian blood on their hands, and Israelis wearing Nazi symbols.

Now, fasten your seat belts and be ready for the Durban II Conference which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland in 20-24 April, 2009. This conference will no doubt follow in the footsteps of the previous one and such precious pearls such as Libya is the chair and Iran is a vice-chair. Both Canada and Israel have already announced that they will not attend Durban II because they have rightfully deter­mined that it will likely be a repeat of the 2001 disas­ter. In addition, great news came in this morning that the U.S. is also pulling out of this conference since they determined after joining the planning sessions that they could not overturn the vitriolic tone against Israel.

You’ll have to realize that this Durban circus, led by human right abusers and dictatorships such as Lybia, Iran and Cuba, is a charade focusing on hatred and ridicule toward Israel. Can you imagine that these human right abusers are directing their hatred and criticism at Israel, a democratic state who follows the rules of law and war rather than other countries such as Darfur where their genocidal campaign is still continuing?

I will have to conclude that something is truly wrong in this world of ours. Israel is constantly being watched through a powerful microscope and is unusually reported in all newspapers’ front page headlines by Christian and Arab countries in particular to denounce Israel’s most minimal contravention. You would logically think that in spite of a Jewish population of just between 12 and 13 millions, and a minute country that you need a magnifying glass to spot Israel on the world map, that Israel would not even be mentioned, but rather ignored. Yet, this is not the case; in spite of Jews having made immense contributions to the world, especially being the first to divulge to mankind of the idea of One God, and the Ten Commandments, which represent the core of morality in the civilized world, Jews have been persecuted, killed and massacred throughout history. This phenomenon is difficult to comprehend, albeit one could attribute this behavior simply to jealousy or to a supernatural phenomenon difficult to comprehend. Hopefully, as written by the Prophets, Israel will regain its prominence, be a light to other nations, and the world of One God will resonate from Jerusalem as the waters cover the sea.

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