Home remediesSince this website is dedicated to a variety of subjects, this time I thought to offer some useful, inexpensive and probably unknown home remedies:


When there is a burn, no matter how extensive it is, the first thing to do is to expose the wound under cold water until the heat stops burning the skin. Afterwards, take two eggs and separate the yolk from the egg white, and apply the egg white onto the wound. You should know that the egg white is natural collagen, a placenta rich in vitamins. After a few hours of egg white applications in the affected area, the pain should disappear and the burn should normally heal.

Vicks Vaporub:

This ointment, as you probably all know, has been used for many years as a remedy for several ailments such as a stuffy nose, chapped lips, among other things. But I have never heard of the following usefulness of Vicks Vaporub – It is effective 100% of the time, although scientists that discovered it cannot explain how it works. In order to stop the nocturnal cough in a child or an adult, spread Vick Vaporub generously on the sole of the feet and then cover them with socks. Even a most persistent cough can be stopped five minutes later with many hours of relief. This remedy is more effective in children than the powerful cough medicines prescribed by doctors. In addition, this remedy is extremely soothing and calming while stimulating a deep and pleasant sleep.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Everyone knows about hydrogen peroxide; it is cheap and does not have any side effects. At a 3% solution, it is one of the most potent disinfectants in the market. You may wonder why it is not used so commonly? The reason is that there is hardly any profitability. It competes with expensive products developed by pharmaceutical companies and disinfectant companies. One teaspoon can be used to gargle for a few minutes to kill germs while whitening the teeth. It can be also used to clean the toothbrushes leaving them germ-free. A little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces better than any other products, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Oxygen peroxide kills germs, bacteria, including salmonella. If you apply this product to the feet, it prevents the development of fungi. When applied to wounds, it coagulates hemorrhages, prevents infections and facilitates healing. It should be used moderately.

These recommendations have been passed on by word of mouth by many people who have used these remedies successfully and should not preclude doctor’s consultations.

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