horse-with-blindersSo the cameras continue to be rolling in the Middle East; the screenplay has been the same for the past decade, but the actors have changed; now it is Bibi Netanyahu again for Israel and Barak Hussein Obama for the U.S. The cries from the so-called Palestinians to freeze settlement construction in Israel have been echoed by the new President of the U.S.; what is most spectacular is that these actors who are pressuring Israel to make concessions look moronic by most common sense people, especially as it pertains to asking families to stop building extra bathrooms or bedrooms for normal growth when there are much more important crises in the world such as genocide and famine. In plain words, Obama is demanding women and men to stop getting married and having babies. For what? For the sake of pleasing a Palestinian leader, Abu Mazen, who has absolutely no authority or control even in his own backyard, Ramallah where he resides.

Bibi Netanyahu during his last meeting with the new U.S. President wisely refrained from mentioning the two-state solution. He truly knows that this solution means “the final” solution for the survival of Israel. However, the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world and hands out something like three billion dollars a year to Israel; money, as usual, talks. Bibi is pressured against the wall to make concessions even though the “peace” counterpart can continue inflaming its population against Jews and provoke Jihadist terrorist attacks. The so-called “Palestinians” cannot even live in harmony with each other, let alone with Jews who live next door. Never mind; U.S.’s Hussein Obama mind-set is to placate the Arab world at the expense of a tiny country populated by about 6 million Jews who are the strongest U.S.’s allies in the stormy Middle East. It does not matter that Israel receives the punches, because Israel, as a democratic country will not punch back, but abide to the Master’s whim.

What is happening to Israel is a virulent and evil scheme committed by the Western world on behalf of the Arabs. The so-called “two-state for two-people” concocted by Europe and the U.S. really means “an Islamist state” living side-by-side with a “Jewish state,” a recipe for ugly reprisals and wars. The Arabs have been and continue to be engaged in a religious war against the Jewish state. But if this purported “solution” is carried through, Israel would have to fight armies within the middle of Israel, not only with Hamastan (which was de-Judaized in 2005), but also armies from Hezbullah, Syria, Iran, probably armed with nuclear weaponry.

So what does Israel need to do to survive? Very simple; Israel can survive without U.S.’s monies which entails being subjected to being a vassal in exchange. Israel has a strong science and technology economy, and a powerful army and can thus provide for itself without having to succumb to the whims of countries that only look after their own interests.  Israel, as a sovereign country, has to tell these countries who are asking Israel to commit suicide in disguise, to back off and mind their own business of survival which looks very flimsy indeed, especially in Europe where the migration of millions of Arabs to its shores threatens its democratic character.

It appears based on the above, that the world’s fixation on a Palestinian state is like a spreading viral disease affecting the minds of leaders who think that they are untouchable and will be revered by the Arabs if they push Israel into a suicidal path. These leaders of the Free world have blinders in their eyes and do not realize that they, themselves, will disappear under the umbrella of Islam unless they take swift action starting by stopping demanding another democratic country such as Israel to bow down to Islamist control .

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