A Human Disaster in GazaWith the severe problems and human right violations taking place in such places such as Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, the Western world is mostly preoccupied with the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the “windows” of opportunity for peace between Israel and the “moderate” Palestinian authority. I just wonder, what makes a “window” of opportunity? There have been so many windows proclaimed by the U.S. and the EU over the last decade, so many, that the glasshouse is about to crumble from its weight. Now, let’s examine what the Western world claims is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza (as opposed to other countries) and their opposition to Israel’s “blockade.” As a footnote, if any country in the world is hit by thousands of rockets to their territories from a neighboring city just as Israel has endured from Gaza, there would be no blockade, but they would reduce the offender to oblivion.

Coming up this summer, pro-Palestinian activists are planning to send a new convoy of about 10 ships to stop the “blockade” in Gaza. Why this parade of ships you would ask? Because the poor Gazans are starving and they need food and supplies to survive! When interviewed this week in Israel, Jerzy Buzek, European Parliament President refused to answer a question about the legality of the European Parliament members joining the upcoming “human rights” flotilla to Gaza and called the humanitarian situation there a “sad story.” (Checkout http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/mideastdispatches/archives/001127.html and judge for  yourself)!

Let’s examine what this humanitarian crisis in Gaza is all about. The latest news I have read of Gaza is the publication (see picture above) of a super luxurious, Olympic-size pool in Asda City for Media Production in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. When Jerzy Buzek stated that the people in Gaza live in horrible conditions and that the humanitarian disaster is terrible, he should be told to go to Gaza, put on a swimming suit, plunge into this well kept and luxurious swimming pool and then be interviewed again.

Let’s also take a look at the starvation purportedly taking place in Gaza. Would you believe that luxurious restaurants are open to the public? Also take a look at the bustling, crowded food markets of Gaza; you will see shelves upon shelves swarming with a variety of goodies from pasta to chocolate, and even something that you may not find easily in the Middle East such as Cadbury Crème Eggs. Just recently, there was the grand opening of its new air conditioned shopping mall, known as Strip Mall! With regard to the new Gaza mall, on the day of the mall’s opening, UNRWA former head, John Ging, said that the people of Gaza “Can’t afford to buy cans of Coca Cola from Israel.” But I would ask Mr. Ging, can Gazans afford new clothes, luxury shoes, perfumes, and children’s toys at the new Gaza Mall?

The EU’s fixation with hurting Israel is blatantly obvious. The Israel’s blockade of Gaza was to prevent the flow of arms and rockets to the terrorist group known as Hamas after over 10,000 rockets were aimed at civilians in Israel. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and you wonder what all of these international “aid” ships are sailing to? It is obviously a pretext to inflict damage to Israel by promoting lies. I would advise these “humanitarian” activists that when they land in Gaza, to make sure not to forget to bring cash to shop in the Gaza mall, bring swimsuits and baste in the luxurious pool and a good appetite to delight in the gourmet restaurants operating in the “impoverished” Gaza.



  1. Dear YipYop,Having heard rumors about luxurious living in downtrodden Gaza I am pleased you have provided facts.The flotilla now is aware of the truth. That awareness and their consistence in sailing deemonstrates their repulsion at our survival.May they eat their just deserts. Thank you,


  2. Dear YipYop it is always good the news to be presented as closer to the truth as possible. As always there are two sides in a story. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. However, it is good to see the news beyond the news


  3. Dear YipYop,
    thank you for the article. A story always has 2 views and I believe that none of the sides supporting it’s story tells us the truth. The best is to hear both sides and make your own judgment.


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