idiot-leaders-in-the-makingYou all know that Barak Hussein Obama in collusion with Hillary Clinton and the State Department is demanding that Israel withdraw to the pre-1967 borders, and freeze natural construction of the settlements in Judea and Samaria, meaning that women in these areas are forbidden to have children or get married! This disturbing and bizarre demand entails not only withdrawing from strategic land that protects all borders in Israel, but also the Golan Heights, the holy city of Jerusalem, and the most sacrosanct of all sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount. All of these give away, in exchange for some kind of fictitious peace with the Arab world, just a flimsy piece of paper, so that Israel can disappear at the whim of surrounding terrorists in the not too distant future.

Talking about “occupied” territories, it seems to me that indeed the entire world is occupied. Why use Israel as the sacrificial lamb to placate terrorists and the Arab world? Let’s take as an example, the land of the United States of America. Bibi Netanyahu in his recent visit to the President of the U.S. should have said, in a most diplomatic way, without mincing any words, to stop interfering in Israel’s domestic affairs since Israel could also request the U.S. to disengage from parts of California as a goodwill gesture to Mexico. In fact, it is well known that there is a very large movement composed of Mexican Americans and native Mexicans who desperately seek the return of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada and parts of Colorado, and possibly other U.S. states to Mexican control either through the return of these territories to the Mexican government or the creation of a new Mexican country called Aztlan (,, and

Besides the mantra of occupied territories, President Obama should instead focus his attention to the fact that the King of Saudi Arabia, to whom Obama recently bowed, is the largest financial supporter of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaida and the Taliban who are religiously obsessed and bent on controlling the Western world. This well known obsession is substantiated by the fact that Saudi Arabia is handing out a fortune to build thousands of mosques throughout the U.S. and Europe, mosques that preach hate and Jihad against the Free world. This Jihadist threat is slowly but steadily evolving throughout the U.S. and Europe and should be arrested before it is too late.

It is a sad circumstance that Saudi Arabia holds so much political and financial power in the U.S. It is no wonder that Obama preaches support for the Saudi plan to dismember Israel to indefensible borders. Money buys anything including pacts with the devil. And this is what is transpiring in the political corridors of the U.S. and Europe. Unless the minds leading the Free world realize that what they are facing is a murderous ideology that is using terrorism and demographics to subjugate and ultimately destroy the Western world, they are doomed to destruction along with the metamorphosis from freedom to Sharia laws.

The threats facing the world are too grave to ignore in comparison to the obsessive and strenuous efforts of Europe and U.S. to demand that Israel stop building extra bathrooms or bedrooms in the settlements. These leaders who are acting very stupidly should instead direct their efforts to stop Iran from becoming nuclear and the Islamization of the Western world so that the next generations will not inherit a doomed and medieval world.

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