IllusionAs expressed in the last essay, the Fatah 6th General Assembly held in Bethlehem in August 4, 2009 should alert Israel and, especially the international community that their real inclination continues to be towards violence and maintaining their status quo as a “national liberation movement,” rather than a government body with proper institutions and infrastructure for a future Palestinian State. This behavior is indeed to be expected by virtue of President Obama’s latest sweet-talk with the Muslim world in his historic Cairo speech and his State Department’s unrelenting calls for freezing settlement activities in Israel with no quid pro quo from the Palestinian faction.

Barack Hussein Obama’s ambitious negotiations in Middle East affairs are wrongly unjustified and center around the biggest lie since the Israel’s defensive war in 1967 against Arab aggression bent on Israel’s disappearance.  What I am speaking about is the word “occupation,” and the invention of a before unknown Palestinian entity created by the defunct Oslo accords. Moreover, to take matters even further, as stated by the Jerusalem Post’s Sarah Honig, even the entire Jordanian state, nationhood and even identity are counterfeit. You may wonder, are the U.S. and Europe’s leaders intentionally disregarding historical facts, or are they so afraid of Islamic terrorism on their own shores that they are willing to sacrifice the microscopic Jewish state? This frightening situation is not about the territories that Israel unexpectedly gained in the 1967 war, that is Judea, Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem, but about the Arab’s ambition of obliterating the Jewish state in their midst. Although the inadmissibility of acquiring territory by war is codified in the U.N. charter, there was no authoritative sovereign nation to whom these territories could have been returned.  Thus, there is no such thing as “occupied” territories and even the idea of Palestinian self-determination was not even included in the U.N. Security Council 242. And of course, let’s not forget the 1917 Balfour Declaration which favored the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.

The demonization of Israel continues to take its toll throughout the world based on such lies as “occupation” and “Palestinians” which have been so constantly repeated and publicized ad nauseam since the reign of the late Fatah leader Yassir Arafat, that the world at large accept them as being true without even bothering looking into legitimate historical accounts. The Arabs’ unfair fabrications have led to a global chain of undeserved commentaries and activities each time Israel has to defend its citizens against terror attacks. For instance, most recently, criticisms still abound after Israel’s defensive war against the terrorist Hamas entity who previously showered Southern Israel with over 10,000 rockets over several years on innocent civilians; and human rights organizations’ reports illustrate clear evidence of disproportionate focus on Israel and reflect a hostile political agenda; and most importantly, let’s not ignore President Barack Hussein Obama’s unrelenting pressure on Israel to commit a suicidal path, thus relieving the Palestinian authority from promulgating peace and compromise as illustrated in their recent hideous General Assembly conference.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world are oblivious of historical truth, and cognizant of this sad fact, Israel has been the victim of the media war promulgated by the Palestinians, masters of virulent propagandas no one can match. The latest Fatah’s vociferous attacks against any type of peace with Israel should warn all of those concerned with justice and rectitude that Israel has absolutely no partner with whom to “live in peace and security,” and more importantly, a lasting peace will never have a chance to stand based on fabrications and lies. The leaders of the free world have no legal and/or justified right to demand the dismemberment of the Jewish State, and should instead wise up and focus their minds and eyes on the rampant Islamization of their own country and the steadfast nuclearization of a dangerously fanatic and theocratic government such as Iran.

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