Cancer is a complex family of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth and invasion of many organs. In spite of the billions of dollars invested into its cure, treatment of these malignant diseases remains invasive and devastating with no clear-cut hope for cure. The most invasive treatment to treat cancer is through chemotherapy and radiation. Although chemotherapy and radiation are efficient in most cases, it not only poisons and radiates cancerous cells, but also the healthy ones, thus causing infections and harm to other organs such as the heart, kidneys and lungs. Moreover, these treatments can at times cause the mutation of cancerous cells rendering them more resistant to treatment.

In essence, all of us have some type of cancerous cells in our bodies; however, providing our immune system is strong and functioning properly, 99.9% of these cells are never activated and are prevented from multiplying into tumors. In essence, when someone is diagnosed with cancer, several causes could be the culprit for this disease including, genes, nutrition, environmental, or lifestyle. When the cause is nutrition, one can alleviate this from happening by ingesting food that reinforces the immune system.

One effective way to combat cancer for those whose genes or immune system is weak, is to starve the cancerous cells, thus preventing their multiplication. For instance, reducing or eliminating sugar including sugar supplements, as well as replacing the common salt with sea salt. Ingestion of milk produces mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract, thus eliminating milk and replacing it with soy, could assist in the starvation of the cancerous cells. Most importantly, red meat products are high in acid and cancerous cells prosper in acidic environments. Meat also contains hormones, antibiotics and parasites which are very harmful to the body. Moreover, unlike vegetables, the high protein in meat is difficult to digest and require many digestive enzymes. Meat that is not digested remains in the intestine and rots turning into additional toxic elements. Rather than meat, think about eating fish or chicken. Ideally, a diet composed of vegetables, grains, juices, nuts and fruits is highly recommended. Fresh vegetable juices provide good enzymes which are rapidly absorbed reaching cellular levels in 15 minutes, nourishing and promoting the growth of healthy cells.

Finally, cancer is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. A positive attitude helps a person with cancer to survive since anger and negative feelings puts the body in an acidic environment. Since cancerous cells do not prosper in an oxygenated milieu, daily exercise and breathing deeply is highly recommended. Also, avoid placing food in plastic containers or plastic wrappings in the microwave oven. Under high heat, plastic releases dioxins which is a cancerous chemical that penetrates the food you are heating.

Most of these recommendations have been disseminated by the Johns Hopkins Hospital and I hope that you will heed them and take care of yourselves.

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