An Irrational World

An irrational worldA recent book entitled “The world turned upside down: the Global battle over God, truth, and power” by Melanie Phillips is an intellectual masterpiece which depicts the erosion of the modern liberal Western society in our time, replacing reason and justice with ideology and prejudice, something like a secular inquisition, especially when it pertains to Judaism and Israel. The often referred to in the news as the “international community,” even though having suffered jihadist onslaught in their own soil, couldn’t care less about pressuring Israel to carve a hostile entity in the heart of the land to satisfy their own  interests such as Arab oil over democracy and basic human rights.

The recent grotesque and bestial murder of the Fogel family while they slept in their home, including three children, the youngest one of three months, is not about settlers and settlements in the land of Israel, or the so-called “stalled peace process”, it is about hatred at its core against a people because they are Jews whether in Israel or the world. A peace treaty with the Arabs which would divide the Land of Israel into two halves to create a Palestinian State, will not ensue in “peace and security” for Israel, as claimed by the international community. Instead, it will create a powerful catalyst for Muslim territorial expansionism with genocidal consequences not only for Israel, but for the world at large. Rather than decrying their sorrow and opposition to such heinous crimes, the socialists and liberals of the world shamefully offer some type of justification for the building of settlements in Judea and Samaria.

The Muslim world carries in their mind and hearts deep-seated hatred and blood thirst against Jews; only relatively recently, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, a relative of the arch-terrorist, Arafat, admired Hitler, actively supported his genocidal views and was eager to start his own program of extermination had it not been for the Nazi defeat at El Alamein in 1942. Also remember the glee with which Arabs massacred Jews in Iral (the Farhud” in 1941) and elsewhere with the rallying cry of Yitbah-al-Yahud (behead the Jews!), a time when Israel did not possess the so-called settlements. What would you expect from a people with whom the world wishes Israel to make peace – a society which is constantly being incited with anti-Jewish rage in the Palestinian media, mosques, schools and charters? Just a couple of days after the Fogel’s massacre, a woman terrorist, Dalal Mughrabi, who in 1978 was responsible for the most lethal attack against Israel, was immortalized by the Palestinian authority by naming her in elementary schools, kindergarten, summer camps, public square, etc.

And going back to the book by Melanie Phillips, what was the world community’s response? Quiet, few condemnations have come forth as Islamic Gaza residents poured out onto the streets to celebrate the terror attack in the West Bank town of Itamar. Rather, these so-called “democratic” and “peace loving” nations are quick to grab headlines in criticizing the natural growth of cities and towns in Judea and Samaria. But when it comes to the innocent blood of Jewish children, whilst citing the attack itself, do not fail to mention the negative impact it will have on peace talks with the Palestinians.

The proof is in the pudding; Israel cannot rely on the world community for its safety and wellbeing. We are witnessing on a daily basis that anti-Semitism is again raising its ugly head. It is also pointless to debate the “logical conclusions” of the anti-Zionists (illegal settlements, cruel treatment of “Palestinians”, apartheid regime in Israel, etc.). We must attack directly the foundation itself.  Israel and the Jews have, for too long, been in a reactive mode.  It is time to launch an offensive to correct the faulty foundation and lies that the enemy built and to restore factual truths and, most importantly, be a sovereign nation and have the courage to confront the international community which is suffering some type of mass derangement to concentrate instead on their own multiple problems and leave Israel alone to formulate its own destiny.


  1. it is not an irrational world,…

    i am coming from a third world country,… were young children have been abducted…

    their organs could have been sold to some rich british clients, and have been operated by israeli doctors…

    …. i am not against you, i am asking for a confirmation,

    that: is your country been tainted by corruption? too bad since i thought you are the geniuses when it comes to med science…

    , this is just my conspiracy theory, not entirely true and reliable…


    1. It seems you are being swayed by Muslim propaganda; the Islamic world and antisemitic people are working hard to deligitimize Israel by creating this type of grotesque lie. Second, how can you believe this without any factual documentation? It your information is not reliable, why pass on this type of lie? Remember what happened before the Holocaust when the Nazi government used this sort of lie to demonize the Jews!


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