It is a sad reality and a shame that Israel’s well being and future hinges on the U.S.’s good auspices. America is the only country in the world, so-called Israel’s strongest ally, who can deliver to the terrorists through Israel’s pressure. The billions of dollars that the U.S. delivers to Israel for its security and defense are presently questionable, depending on whether Israel complies with several U.S. demands. These include continuing negotiations based on the Road Map, freezing settlement construction, even for natural growth and ultimately expelling hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes to make room to a Jew-free Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

If the above statements do not represent bribery, what is it? This Road Map, of course, is carried out with the Palestinian Authority, i.e., Mahmoud Abbas and his ilk which represent the PLO. This entity is not an honest broker for a peace agreement. In fact, even in their covenant and map, Israel is an occupying force of the entire Palestine and an obstacle to their prosperity and Islamic pretentions. We have seen what has happened to the lands that have been given to the PLO. Even our most venerated sacred sites like the tomb of Joseph was desecrated the moment we pulled out from this location.

It seems that Benjamin Netanyahu is going to be our next Prime Minister. The Western world does not seem very pleased with Israel’s choice. It is a right-leaning government just as the U.S. has suddenly swung back to its more liberal values under Barack Obama. With regard to the peace process, Netanyahu has proclaimed his own ideas in the form of economic track, and George Mitchell, the special US envoy, has already fired back by countering this proposal. The new Obama administration is now seeking to make peace with the Arab world. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? After all, who caused the 9/11 disaster?

Based on the last events that have taken place when Israel has withdrawn from territory, be it Lebanon or Gaza, the forces of evil, in fact Iranian proxies, are just waiting to take over whatever Israel will be pressured to give up, to endanger Israel  with more sophisticated missiles that will be able to reach even Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport.

Let’s face it. The pressure that the U.S. is bringing about to Israel to withdraw from territory through bribery will bring the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state. This pressure is a sinister process backed by the U.S. and Europe to recognize “Legitimate Palestinian Rights” which consist, in reality, the liberation of all of Palestine, which is, in effect, a UN sponsored lobby with the purpose of destroying a member state.

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