israel-government-blunderI believe that since Israel won the miraculous 1967 Six-day war against Arab countries, its successive governments have consistently failed to safeguard its population and have in fact aggravated the terrorist threats that have produced so many deaths and maimed Jews throughout the subsequent years. One major cause for this failure has been the secularization of the different governments of Israel who believe that Israel’s survival is dependent on kowtowing to the Western world’s tragic demands, and on turning Israel into a post-Zionist country which will emulate Europe. The same tragic mistake occurred when Jews in Germany tried to assimilate.

It has now been proven, that the policies of the past and of the recent leaders of Israel have turned into a nightmarish life for its citizens and is endangering Israel’s survival. The major flaw by these so-called Jewish leaders originated with the unnatural welcoming of the arch-terrorist Arafat to Israel’s shores from Tunis together with his entire ilk, including Abbas. This was followed by the deviant signed Oslo Accord in September 13, 1993 between Arafat and Rabin in the presence of its architect, Peres and the then U.S. President Clinton outlining Palestinian self-government, and followed by another agreement in 1995 that provided the Palestinians with even more  self-government powers. What did Israel get in return? Not much; just a piece of paper signed by the hypocritical two-tongued terrorist Arafat, pledging recognition of Israel and renouncing violence. Ironically, this arch-terrorist was entrusted by the Israeli leaders to protect them from terrorism! Unfortunately, Jericho, one of Israel’s most venerated cities, was surrendered to the PLO in addition to the equally holy city of Hebron and the self-governing power in Judea and Samaria (now called by the world as West Bank). What transpired afterwards was the most catastrophic failure of any Israeli government:   the second intifada which caused hundreds of Israeli deaths, and thousands of injuries.

The next Israeli government’s blunder was the failed second Lebanon war which was triggered by Israel’s embarrassing retreat (ordered by Barak) from Lebanon under the darkness of night in the summer of 2006. This blunder empowered Hezbollah, a satellite of Iran. This stupidity was again repeated by yet the most brainless and insane complete withdrawal from Gaza and the expulsion of over 8,000 Jews from their homes and businesses. This unilateral withdrawal has turned Gaza into an enclave of Jew hating arch-terrorists, funded and trained by Iran, which is now called “Hamastan.” The Israeli leaders governing Israel, in addition to the Israeli media and its left-wing academics, are so weak and credulous that they believe that by withdrawing from land, that terrorism would abate. Blunder after blunder by our leaders has only produced even more terrorism and insecurity. Will they never learn?

To aggravate matters even further, our ineffective and weak government is mulling over a plan to give up East Jerusalem, including our most venerated site, the Temple Mount and create a Palestinian terrorist state in the belly of Israel. After so many tragic mistakes committed by the secular and accommodating Israeli leaders of Israel, one wonders what it would take to turn things around so that Israel can finally stand proudly on its own two feet and reject more unreasonable demands by the U.S. and Europe designed for Israel’s annihilation. We need leaders who believe in the words of the Hebrew Scriptures which call for a courageous redeemer that would have the faith and resolute mind that King David had. In the words of Jeremiah: “Instead, they will serve the Lord their God and David their king, whom I will raise up for them.” Ironically, if the U.S. and Europe abandon Israel, it will instead work to Israel’s benefit.


  1. Your view on the Israeli government sounds right on to me. My question is what are the Israeli people really thinking about this?


  2. I believe the Israeli people are very aware of it that is why they voted, in great majority, for the right-wing Likud government, in hopes that things will change for the better of Israel. Lets see what Netanyahu does, at least he hasn’t mentioned the “two-state solution” to any of the leaders he has visited or to the press.


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