JEWS – THE POPULAR SCAPEGOATSNo group in the world has been the target of nearly as many twisted and ludicrous accusations as the Jewish people. Here are some striking and even comical examples of the hoaxes perpetrated against Jews which are anti-Semitic canards to demonize and discard the Jewish entity.

Deicide: According to the New Testament accounts, the Jewish authorities in Judea charged Jesus with blasphemy and sought his execution. However, in reality, the Jewish authorities lacked the authority to have Jesus put to death and recently Pope Benedict XVI has recently exonerated Jews for Jesus’ death.

Bubonic Plague: Vast numbers of Europeans believed that Jews caused the Plague ignoring the fact that lack of hygiene caused the spread of bacteria and Jews, themselves, were victims.

Blood libel: Tens of millions of European Christians once believed – and tens of millions of Muslims believe today – that Jews kidnap and slaughter non-Jewish children before Passover to use their blood for baking matzo. Yet, Jewish law explicitly prohibits eating blood (Genesis 9:4) and is the reason that kosher meat is soaked and salted; this process draws out the blood.

Al Dura hoax: Accusing the Jewish army of targeting children such as Muhammad Al Dura who was presented in a video to the international community as some sort of child crucifixion.  It was later proven that this was a systematic staging of action scenes to demonize Israel. The Israeli army, damned by the media, was later exonerated – but the al-Dura myth lives on.

Control of the world: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a hoax still frequently quoted and reprinted by anti-Semites even though investigations have repeatedly proven the Protocols to be a plagiarism and a literary forgery.

Holocaust: Holocaust denial is considered to be an antisemitic conspiracy theory ignoring extensive historical evidence and eye witness accounts to the contrary.

Economy: Many Americans are blaming the Jewish lobby and Israel for the current catastrophic financial crisis affecting the USA and the world (New York Times), and 31% of Europeans blame Jews for making the economic crisis possible.

Arab uprising: Syria, Lybia and Yemen have all blamed Israel for the the people’s rebellion.

And Would you believe??

Global warming: The destruction of the planet has been blamed by environmentalists on uncaring waste including water coolers and plastic bags. Now, the Jews have also been blamed by Former Blair Government minister Clare Short for the global warming that is destroying the planet!

Shark attack – Egypt blames Israel for being behind the string of shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea coastal area. According to Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha, a regional governor, Israeli spies could have planted the sharks in the Red Sea coastal area to hurt the Egyptian tourism and economy.

AIDS: Muslim fundamentalist propaganda accuses the Jews of spreading AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Prostitution: The PA has made other outrageous accusations against Israel such as the Israeli Government puts hormones in all the wheat sold to Gaza to turn all Arab women into prostitutes and poisons the chewing gum sold to Arab children.

Twin Towers – In spite of the fact that the perpetrators of the collapse of the Twin Towers were all Muslims, Osama Bin Laden acknowledged this crime and 400 Jews died, reports have abounded indicating that the ‘Zionist conspiracy tipped off Jews about the coming attacks and told to stay home.

Tsunami: This is the most risible of accusations: Palestinian television blames Israel for the tsunami in Southeast Asia!

Pedophilia: Jews blamed for pedophilia backlash. An Italian Catholic Web site is claiming that a retired bishop has blamed the Jews for the current backlash against the church over sex abuse claims.

It has come to a point where I would not be surprised if Jews were even blamed for severe weather and the recent earthquake in Japan. Why the Jews you may wonder? It’s actually pretty simple, it’s because the ‘Jews’ are God’s ‘chosen’ people, chosen to bring and teach the God’s revelation of and chosen to suffer until the final redemption. Chosenness is not a virtue, it is  a duty and a responsibility.


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  1. Dear Bryan’ good research well written.Thanks. All these harmful canards demonstrate the relevance of Eretz Israel.


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