LOVE YOUR ENEMY?The march toward appeasing the Islamic world following Barack Hussein Obama’s landmark speech in Cairo in 2009 continues unabated to the detriment, of course, of the tiny Democratic country in the Middle East, Israel.  Barack Hussein Obama, in cahoots with the so-called quartet (US, EU, UN, Russia), is trying very hard to win the hearts of all Muslims, by actually forcing Israel to cede strategic land to the Palestinians and creating a Palestinian state that would turn into an enclave of terrorism such as the savage one recently committed against the Fogel family while sleeping in their home. The Republican Representative Mark Steven Kirk, was correctly quoted as saying that this proposal was like agreeing to support a government that “only has a few Nazis” in it.

As expressed strongly in all of my previous writings, anti-Semitism is again raising very swiftly its ugly head. We should understand that the current wave of the new anti-Semitism has not only political overtones, but is largely fuelled by Middle East politics, the Palestinian construct and, ironically, the ongoing “peace process.” The vicious anti-Semitic ranting that is brainwashing the young Muslim world has reached such heights that unless drastic action is taken by the ‘enlightened leaders’, they will wake up to another Holocaust but this time, with missiles that can reach not only Israel but Europe and US territory. The atrocity of 9/11 was committed by a majority of Wahabee Muslims paid for by Obama’s friend, Saudi Arabia, who preach such particularly vicious hatred of the West that no smooth talking by Obama can dissuade them from pursuing their messianic and Koranic goal of spreading Islam throughout the infidel world. One has only to witness the massive immigration of Arab Muslims to Europe and American lands over recent decades that is rapidly changing the complexion of their society. We should stop dreaming that we have a partner in the Muslim world and that bashing Israel and forcing it to divide its land to create a terrorist state will placate them. It is well known that Muslims are continuously told by their Imams that the U.S. is the great Satan and that Israel is the little Satan. All non Muslims are infidels that must be destroyed or forced to convert in order to fulfill the old Arab dream of Pan Arabism.

Barack Hussein Obama and the “Quartet’s Chamberlain-like overtures to the Islamic world will not only fail miserably, but rebound with a vengeance. The Western world will not be safe and Israel should not end up being the sacrificial lamb for an administration that only looks after its own interests. The world should instead focus on stopping the steady march of Iran of acquiring nuclear bombs. Iran is capable of creating anarchic violence and the threat of developing an intercontinental-range missile known as the Shahab-6, which will be capable of striking as far as the United Kingdom.  So wake up Western world unless you do not wish to preserve your continued existence.


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