The unrelenting campaign to convert Jewish souls to Christianity continues its path in spite of enormous efforts devoted by Outreach Judaism and Jews for Judaism to combat it.  Indeed, just in Israel, there is an unprecedented growth in the number of Israelis (mostly from the Soviet Union) who have converted to Christianity.  In 2005, it is estimated that there were 10,000 messianic Jews living throughout Israel. These missionaries are well funded and they use deceptive language and an arsenal of misleading techniques to inculcate a Jewish sugar-coated Christianity to Jews.

Severely compounding this problem with an overwhelming trait of chutzpah, are the latest news today that major bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, WalMart and others are displaying for sale a Christian missionary version of the traditional Passover Hagaddah entitled “‘Passover Family Pack: Everything You Need to Enjoy a Passover Seder Dinner.”  This book is a travesty of the traditional Jewish Haggadah which has survived for thousands of years and read in all Jewish homes during the holiday. Once you open this book, you will find that the traditional Jewish message is reverted to encourage Jews to believe in Jesus, the Christian Messiah. Note that the title of this book is quite deceiving and the authors purposely avoided including a Christian missionary message on the cover of the book. Most disturbingly, these major book retailers failed to categorize this book under Christian materials placing them in the Jewish section of their walk-in and on-line book stores. This will give you an idea of the intense universal efforts to turn Jews away from the religion of their fathers.

The Jewish scriptures state several times not to change one word, right or left, and throughout the world, the reading of the same Torah and the message in the traditional Haggadah have been universal for over 3,000 years and form the covenant between God and the Jewish people.

It is of the utmost importance that missionaries’ overtures with their insidious tools to convert Jews such as the latest gimmick in the form of a Christian Haggadah are countered as false and finally revoked.

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