IS THERE A MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSEIt’s in the news, not only in Israel but throughout the world, that the new U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama’s latest demands of Israel are not gaining much sympathy, not only from right wingers, but even from the Left crowd in Israel and U.S.  He has displayed bigoted naivety with his insistence that Israel freeze settlement construction in many parts of Eastern Jerusalem. In fact, Obama is actually telling Israel that “Jews are not allowed to live in some parts of its capital city, Jerusalem.”  What a chutzpah! While Israeli Arabs can rent and buy property anywhere they wish, Jews, as if to prolong the ghetto verdict of past times, cannot.

Not only has Obama offended most Jews who care about their identity, respect and security, he has also emboldened the Arab countries, especially the PA President, Mahmoud Abbas  to continue to make even more  outrageous demands from Israel. Indeed, the PA leadership does not have to lift a finger any longer; let the U.S., the “staunch ally” of Israel take care of their business; it is so much more effective. In fact, Prime Minister Netanyahu fumed at this imposition and admitted to being “surprised” as to how the so-called “staunch ally” of Israel could even suggest, let alone make, such a claim. This President Obama, as I pointed out in many of this writer’s previous essays, is taking sides with the Muslim world while repudiating Israel’s security and well-being. Is it naivety or is he instinctively pursuing Israel’s decline at the behest of the Islamic world? He has recently bowed and praised Saudi Arabia’s king where human rights violations are the highest in the world and, importantly, where no Jew can set foot in this country and apologized to the Islamic world in his “historic” speech in Cairo. Barack Hussein Obama even neglected to mention to the Muslim world that the Jews have a historic, cultural and religious link to the Land of Israel, by instead stating that Israel deserved to exist due to the Jews’ suffering during the Holocaust. His stance against Israel also disregards the unrelenting terrorism in the form of intifadas and rocket fire, the incitement and the covenants from Fatah and Hamas calling for the demise of Israel.

As I said previously, Barack Hussein Obama is either a very inexperienced and naïve politician on foreign policy or an astute pro-Islamic, anti-Israel player whose ultimate goal is to gain power and sympathies from the Islamic world even if it would threaten the security of Israel. If he actually dreams of his ambition of being the first President to actualize “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, he is in for a downfall because Israel will not commit suicide. Just recently, and I presume that Obama does not read headlines when they are not in his strategic favor, a veteran senior leader of Fatah and other prominent members of the Palestinian authority government have proclaimed that they will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, nor would they relinquish the armed struggle against Israel.

The erosion of Israel’s security by splitting its land and sharing it with sworn enemies through Obama’s unrealistic and sinister demands is forging animosity and distrust from Jews around the world. The overwhelming majority of Jews in the U.S. who voted for Obama are in for a big disappointment should he continue with his dangerous anti-Israel stand which actually nullifies his previous pledge to safeguard the security and well-being of Israel.

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