netanyahus-challengeIn these trouble times, I would not want to be in the Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu’s shoes, and indeed neither in the Foreign Minister’s. Netanyahu is preparing his sale presentation on the Palestinian conflict to the Obama administration on May 18th 2009 and the preliminary reports issued by the soft-spoken Obama could be translated into either you obey our policy with regard to a Palestinian State, no matter at what cost to Israel, or you’ll lose our support. The EU, the failed quartet and the UN are all backing Obama’s rhetoric which includes support for the abysmal Saudi plan.  In fact, just recently Javier Solana, the European Union foreign policy chief, issued another threat to Israel: “the international community would deal with the next Israeli government according to its program and platform,” and we know what this program and platform are.

Netanyahu’s plan to be presented to Obama is well thought out and is certainly realistic and judicious, based on the terror entities Israel is dealing with. He will have the difficult task of replacing the weak and suicidal policies concocted by Livni, Olmert and Condoleezza Rice prior to leaving office. His first order of business, and rightly so, is the urgency to stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons, since as he puts it, this threat prevails over any of the other dangers. Obama is probably waiting for the June elections in Iran in hopes that Ahmadinejad will be replaced by a more “moderate” leader. But even if this diabolical figure loses the elections, the government in Iran is led by Ayatollas and Mullahs who support Ahmadinejad’s demonization and destruction of Israel and also label the U.S. as the Big Satan. Next item in Netanyahu’s agenda is Syria, a terrorist entity that Obama is also intending to schmooze like Iran, again to no avail. And the third and last threat to Israel is of course the corrupt and terrorist PLO led by the holocaust denier, Mahmoud Abbas. If Obama’s election in the U.S. was based on his intelligence and wisdom for change, and his “unshakeable” support of Israel, he shouldn’t argue, let alone reject, Netanyahu’s clear agenda of dealing with the PA, which is based on building institutions and a strong economy in the Palestinian territories, demand rejection of terrorism and recognition of Israel as a Jewish State prior to any commitment for a two-state solution. How can anyone in his right mind push for another Arab state in the heart of Israel when the Palestinians themselves are divided, their covenant calls for the destruction of Israel and their media is full of Jewish demonization?

I sincerely hope that Netanyahu will avoid a confrontation with Obama, but if there is a duel, we will know Obama’s true colors.  Israel is an independent and sovereign state and Netanyahu should stand tall in defense of Israel’s interest and security. The terrorist threat in the U.S. following the deadly event of 9/11 has unfortunately been dispatched as an eight-year old solitary event. Let’s hope that the current global myopic view of global terrorism will not repeat itself again with yet another deadly attack.

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