obamas true colorsSince this writer has been away for the past two weeks, several events have struck the cord in Israel’s world affairs. First, and foremost, the much anticipated speech delivered by Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the U.S. to the Islamic world. In parallel to his recent greeting of the King of Saudi Arabia with a full bow in April, 2009, he again duplicated this bow through placating words to extremist Islamists of the world by offering a display of absurd apologies. In his clearly anti-Israel discourse, Barak Hussein Obama put the onus of the Middle East conflict on Israel’s unabated building of settlements in Judea and Samaria, discounting the road map which justly demands that the Palestinian authority disband terrorism on its turf and eliminate incitement and hatred of the Jewish state, something they have never bothered doing. Although proclaiming himself a Christian, he confessed his father’s and ancestors’ Islamic roots and his Islamic education in Indonesia. Under Islamic law, Barack Hussein Obama should be well aware that if his father is of Islamic faith, he is automatically of this very faith. It was obvious for all to see and hear in his speech in Cairo, where his mind and soul stand for, especially vis-à-vis the fate of Israel.  In addition, by proclaiming that the U.S. will never be at war with the Islamic world, he, in essence, gave free reigns to extreme Islamists to continue their theocratic annihilistic warfare against the West.

The other significant news pertains to the speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in response to Barack Hussein Obama’s Cairo rhetoric. To somehow soothe U.S. pressure on Israel, this Prime Minister, although politely allowing the notion of a Palestinian State, albeit demilitarized, stood firm on the settlement issue by not “obeying” U.S.’s directive to stop building for natural growth. Another important and overdue clarification to Obama’s false assertion that Israel’s existence was merely due to Holocaust guilt, in fact ignoring the indisputable Israel’s historic roots going back over 3,000 years, Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted to the world that Israel preceded any other religion in the Land of Israel by recalling the ancient kingdoms of David and Salomon and its undeniable legitimacy as the State of the Jewish people.

It is clear that this President Obama is bent on carving an Islamic Palestinian state in the heart of Israel in order to placate the Islamic world, wrongly surmising that it will bring peace. President Hussein Obama should fare well by rather concentrating on the poor state of the U.S. economy, the turmoil taking place in Afghanistan, the nuclear intentions of N. Korea and Iran, and the famine in the world rather than demanding that Israel stop building extra bathrooms or bedrooms to accommodate for natural growth.  However, we hope that this new Netanyahu administration will be wise enough to dismiss the U.S.’s pressure and look to its own interest as a sovereign nation in order to safeguard the safety of its citizens rather than serve as a U.S. vassal and a sacrificial lamb to the world.

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