I wonder, and I know all of you do, what was the purpose of this 22-day war between Israel and Gaza called “Operation Cast Lead”?? Personally, I believe that it […]

It is obvious that the situation in Israel is one of the most difficult and inexplicable puzzles to solve. For starters, just take a look at our latest elections – […]

In the context of the forthcoming Durban II conference in March 2009, it would be worth reviewing what transpired during the Durban I conference in 2001 held in South Africa. […]

Biomedical research has experienced a significant growth and has earned to be placed at the forefront of sciences overall.  The 20th century was coined the century of physics. It is […]

Europe was responsible for the systematic, government-sponsored genocide of six million European Jews which was the culmination of centuries of hatred and violent persecution, often inspired by Christian theology. Yet, […]

In the news emanating from world renowned newspapers, and throughout the years, Al Quds Day is celebrated throughout the Arab world claiming sovereignty of Jerusalem and of the entire Palestine. […]