partition-is-a-no-noWe have all heard from reliable sources and historical facts that Israel is not bound to give up any land, especially to terrorist entities whose covenant is to destroy Jewish existence in the Middle East. But we have a problem; the non-Arab people inhabiting the Western world are so afraid to lose or to have their oil interrupted on account of Israel’s existence, in addition to having their lives disrupted by acts of terrorism, that Israel’s survival is the least of their worries. The major problem facing the Free world is either ignorance, sublime optimism that nothing will ever happen to them, stupidity, or all of the above.

Those in the world who are well acquainted with Jewish and Israel’s history are cognizant of the fact that a sovereign country called Palestine never existed prior to 1948 or even 1967. In fact, Security Council 242 never promised to the so-called “Palestinians” that they will ever have a country called Palestine. During the war of Independence in 1948 where the Jewish people in their newborn state had to defend themselves from annihilation, the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza fell illegally under the control of Egypt and Jordan who exercised unauthorized and cruel control over these territories. What is most eye-opening is the fact that in 1922, Great Britain of their own volition, split the 78% of the land which was entitled to the Jewish people, and gave it on a silver platter to King Abdullah, himself not a Palestinian. In 1947, a second partition to give land to the Arabs was enacted by the new United Nations. What transpired is that the Arabs did not accept dividing the land with the Jews.   In 1967, against all odds, miraculously, Israel won a defensive war against several Arab armies which gave Israel control of all the land illegally taken by Jordan and Egypt, including Jerusalem and the Golan Heights from Syria.

In biblical terms, Israel has been and is the homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years. Jewish kings reigned in this land, including Saul, David and Solomon among many others, and two Jewish temples stood before they were destroyed, surprisingly exactly on the same date by the Babylonians and then the Romans. Because the Jewish people rebelled against God, they were exiled to Babylon and then to the four corners of the world until the miraculous birth of the State of Israel some two thousand years later.

This simplified history of the Jewish people’s unequivocal roots to the Land of Israel, the political maneuvers by Great Britain and the hostility of the Arab world that ensued, should remind everyone that Israel has the right and even more so than any other country in the world to hold on to the entire land of Israel and secure it against intruders calling themselves Palestinians. Israel is microscopic in size and any partition with those whose aim is to destroy the Jewish state would render it with indefensible borders. The Arabs have been blessed with 22 Arab countries and they can make room for a 23rd country in their midst if they so wished. They could also make room for the so-called Arab refugees who are perpetually in U.N.-sponsored camps such as UNRWA. But this is unlikely, because the conflict is not about land, but about a violent and implacable ideology. Until the Western world acknowledges and assimilates this concept, peace will never exist in this part of the world.

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