race-nuclear-warfareIsrael is not just threatened by terrorist armies and Islamist countries; even more dangerous is the menace and pressure perpetrated by the world community, prominently, the U.S., Europe, quartet, the U.N., the media, NGOs, Human Right organizations, self-hating Jews, anti-Semites; I am certain I am forgetting something else, but at least the list above sadly exposes what the Jewish nation is up to, and it is getting worse by the minute.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is set to meet with the new U.S. President, Barak Hussein Obama, on May 18th, 2009 so that he can sell his prudent policy vis-à-vis Israel and the Palestinian entity. It is going to be a hard sell, since we can witness right on that Obama is moving ahead full speed on all Middle East tracks by turning 180o from previous U.S. administration policies with its enemies. In fact, as you all well know, he is planning to use failed diplomatic overtures to terrorist entities such as Hamas and fanatical Islamist countries like Iran, Syria and Lebanon.  With Hamas, as I wrote in my previous essay, he is already engaging with this terrorist entity and is requesting U.S. taxpayers to award over $800 million dollars for Gaza’s reconstruction and “human relief” after the Cast Lead war. If this is authorized by Congress, I’ll bet you, as in the past that less than 10% will go to these causes, and the rest for weapons, and terrorist bellicose activities, of course to the detriment of Israel.

Obama just met with King Hussein of Jordan, who is also actively pursuing Israel’s demise to avoid being flooded with millions of hostile Palestinians to his shores. In turn, Obama is concocting a master plan for King Hussein to convince the Arab countries to reword or soften the 2002 ominous Saudi Plan so that Israel can fall for it. He also has the audacity of setting up the de facto division of Jerusalem by imposing a Fatah flag in Jerusalem neighborhoods while asking the Arabs to comply with Israel’s flag. How ignorant (or is he?)! Even more aggravating, Obama is also planning to ask Israel to give up on its nuclear arsenal, thus leaving Israel at the mercy of surrounding terrorist armies.

Obama’s energies have no bounds, it seems, with his plan to expedite Israel’s demise. Obama is also planning to flirt with President Assad from Syria who is actively engaged with Iran and houses and shields terrorist entities such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and has been conducting testing of chemical weapons. This writer wonders what is causing this abrupt policy shift in the White House. The new President is naively thinking (or is he, after all he is no dummy) that the troubled Middle East and Arab hostility in general is due to Israel’s intransigence against implacable Jew hating terrorists swearing for Israel’s demise and he is pushing Israel’s back against the wall by stripping it of its holiest sites, strategic land, and nuclear deterrence, rendering the Jewish state in a sorry and indefensible position.

Due to space restrictions, I would urge you to read my previous essays on this subject: “The clock is ticking fast,” “the U.S. setting the path to disaster” and “Look at reality stupid,” and others. To summarize, malevolent forces are rushing, courtesy of Obama and the world community, to stab Israel in the back. However, if this nefarious situation takes place, nuclear proliferation, starting with Iran, is certainly going to radiate a long shadow on America and the nations of the world. There is an eminent countdown and its repercussion will be a changing world unless the forces of evil are defeated swiftly.

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