REAL SYMPTOMS OF END OF TIMESThe savagery perpetrated by the Palestinian entity and delegitimization that Israel has faced throughout its existence has to end with a courageous and determined government that will not accept “peace” at any price. It behooves us that this present Likud government which continues its tradition of previous Israeli governments of acting with restraint and obedience to the International community, would once and for all defend its citizens and act in a deterrent fashion to end Jewish suffering in Israel. We have a “defense” minister, Ehud Barak, who lives in a luxurious penthouse in Tel Aviv who kowtows to the international community, charges thousands of dollars for his speeches when traveling abroad, and just recently removed checkpoints in Judea and Samaria exposing Jews to terrorism such as the unspeakable savagery that took place in Itamar. He cares much more about keeping his standing with the international community than to defending Israeli citizens. His recent proclamation that ‘Israel must face peace or face a diplomatic tsunami’ speaks for itself.

As we are presently witnessing, “peace” with the Arab world is a mirage. Egypt is on the brink of having the Muslim Brotherhood be part of the new government and is the organization that gave birth to the Hamas as well as al Qaeda, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Just recently, a senior member of this Muslim party said that there is virtually no peace agreement with the Zionist regime and that any treaty not approved by the Egyptian nation must be abrogated. Let’s say “hurray” for a piece of paper declaring peace with Israel whether coming from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and especially from the Palestinian authority.

Just recently, a columnist of the Jerusalem Post, Gershon Baskin, proclaimed that Israel is wasting precious time for not making peace with the most moderate of peace partners, the Western backed Mahmoud Abbas, the self-declared President of the Palestinians, albeit the elections to re-elect him were due in January, 2010. Let’s take a thorough look at this so-called “moderate.” Just recently and two days after the massacre in Itamar, a public square was named after Dalal Mughrabi, who in 1978 was responsible for the most lethal attack against Israel; His Ph.D. thesis blatantly denies the Holocaust; he recently lied to Obama about the incitement taking place under his aegis, brainwashing young Palestinians in their school curriculum, mosques, TV, summer camps and music to demonize Jews as enemies to be terrorized and destroyed;  a few weeks ago official PA TV called fοr Israelis tο leave Israel аnԁ “return” tο Germany аnԁ Poland, etc., etc. These are just a few examples picturing Abbas as a “moderate” and “trustworthy” partner for peace with Israel, as depicted by Gerson Baskin. How gullible could you be?

The sliver-sized country of Israel has managed, through its enterprise and Jewish intellect, to build an out-sized high-technology sector for the past two decades, along with a historical tradition of making deserts bloom with tree-planting programs, agrarian kibbutzim, and, more recently, organic farms and vineyard, and is second only to the U.S. in science and technology. It has survived several defensive wars against attacking Arab countries, delegitimation and lies sponsored by Palestinian cells throughout the world which have become universally accepted as truth – Jews living in their biblical homeland are the interlopers. Israel is being “summoned” by the international community to use restraint against any Arab aggression and that the only accepted response to Arab atrocities is capitulation and self-annihilation.

In spite of all the negativity and demonization against Israel and the Jewish people in general, it has been prophesied (Ezekiel and Isaiah) that Israel will rise from the grave and after its resurrection, many nations will attack it. In addition, this denotes the marker of the true end of times when God will protect Israel and that in His fury He will pour out His judgment on these attacking nations. Then, in spite of the demonization and vilification perpetrated by the world, Israel will rediscover its essence and purpose and indeed be a Light unto the Nations in every way.


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  1. hi i am from a third world country…

    right this is bad indeed, making your walls weak is something really bad.

    after tracing the child abductions back somewhere there… i read on your history from the bible, here are the keywords that are really interesting:
    – the hunting of the child ( i can’t seem to find it again, it was associated to a future punishment to israel )
    – babylon ( babylon looks kinda europe? )
    – the boastful horn ( which is described as some leader who sits on a throne, but is also said that he is not rightfully there… like obama? )
    – the healers ( what are your doctors doing lately? together with the richest kings? )
    – the merchants ( trading of human lives? isn’t that the hunting? )
    – taking advantage of widows and orphans ( there was also a news that some woman was fooled to donate her kidney )
    – something about God being angry when making your walls weak

    … this are just conspiracy theories, and not reliable,… if true i am just deeply saddened that God allow this to happen… because from our place young girls are being kidnapped, and one has been found killed for no known-reasons…

    and if what i have searched is true that the child-abducted was a mere hunt in the organ trafficking business, which is a trillion dollar industry, then only the richest can afford that.

    do you have british (rich guys) visitors lately? if not, are there rich visitors in your country lately?


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