donkeySorry if I am disturbing some people with this title, but there is widespread brainwashing throughout the world that Israel should cede land to the terrorist entity known as the PLO, which, eventually, also means Hamas so that a two-state solution can be accomplished in order to achieve global stability. The new American President, Barak Hussein Obama, who just bowed to the King of human right abuses in Saudi Arabia, supports the infamous Saudi plan which means leaving Israel indefensible and helpless. But who cares? As long as the Arabs continue pumping their oil to the West and refrain from instigating terrorism! Of course, unless you are completely naïve and unaware of the mindset and culture of the extreme Islamist world, such as Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaida, destroying Israel will only serve to embolden and strengthen terror and be a welcome incentive to fulfill their objective to take over the Western civilization.

Just to refresh your minds, let’s start with Iran.  Its ambition to possess nuclear power, a nightmare scenario, will be used to take over the Middle East, convert the Shiite theology into a predominantly Islamic theology, and lastly, then propagate Islam throughout the entire world to hasten the coming of their 13th Imam. According to the prominent Islamist Bernard Lewis, the Iranian Islamic revolution is reaching such heights as the French revolution. Iran is financially controlling Gaza through Hamas and covertly supplying arms.  And Lebanon is also on its path of being a satellite of Iran.

Next, Hezbollah. This terrorist entity, also a satellite of Iran, was just caught trying to destabilize Egypt through terrorist attacks against Israeli tourists in Egypt, including the assassination of Egyptian President Mubarak. Hezbollah’s aim of annihilating Israel in cahoots with Iran is on their drawing board and the conspiracy to pursue their goal of spreading Islam globally is their most tenacious wish.

Lastly, Hamas with whom Europe and a significant number of leaders, I would surmise even Obama, are trying to schmooze into partnering with Fatah so that together they can pursue their goal of weakening and ultimately destroying the Jewish state. At least Hamas is clear about its intention vis-à-vis Israel as opposed to Fatah who is deluding the world that it wants to live in peace with Israel, although the word “peace” for them, means destroying Israel “piece by piece.” Just lately, Hamas presented a successful theatrical piece entitled “You should drink the Arabs’ blood but mix it with soda water.”  This title shows the perversity and depth of anti-Semitism pervading these so-called Palestinians with whom we are supposed to “live side-by-side in peace and security.”

It is indeed very sad that the world does not realize the imminent danger of terror and upheaval hovering over us, and Obama does not understand this menace, is an idiot, or is secretly instigating it. We cannot live in the past, but we can certainly learn a lot from past events. What the leaders of the Western world are doing is to practice the same inefficient, defeatist and subservient policies practiced by European political leaders with Hitler in the 1930’s. We can either wise up and defeat the enemy, or accept the inevitable tsunami coming upon the Free World in the very near future.

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