The leaders of the EU, UN and US, in their irrational belief that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the prime danger to their own security, have nothing better to do in this most dangerous world than to pressure Israel to make peace with what they consider a “moderate” partner for the carving of a Palestinian State. This strategy would entail the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, leaving Israel with indefensible borders, which Abba Eban, had called the Auschwitz borders. But who cares about tiny Israel as long as we can feel safe from Jihadists!

Let’s analyze for a moment what this “moderate” alleged partnership with Fatah is all about. It is headed by Abu Mazen, or Mahmoud Abbas whose Ph.D. thesis denied the Holocaust. In addition, this Fatah leader is no different than his predecessor, Yassir Arafat, with only one difference, he wears a Western suit. Similarly to Abu Mazen, Arafat, throughout his terrorist career, schmoozed with the Western leaders, and in English spoke of peace with Israel, condemned terrorist attacks (which he initiated, ordered and supported), and consented on the partition of Israel into two states (which he claimed in Arabic to be a strategy for the gradual destruction of Israel). In Arabic, he encouraged jihad, martyrdom, denied any cultural and biblical history in the Holy Land including the existence of the two previous Jewish temples. Fatah’s charter has never been amended and continues to promote the destruction of Israel; their media encourages martyrdom and blame the Jews of stealing their land. Just as with Abu Mazen, billions of dollars originating from naïve taxpayers in the world poured into Arafat’s private coffers rather than to the “poor and innocent” Palestinian people and infrastructure.

Recently, Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of News Corporation delivered an excellent and pragmatic speech on March 4th to the American Jewish Committee. In it, he squarely supported Israel for taking a stand to defend its citizens and borders against terrorist attacks and differentiated between “societies committed to freedom and law and those cold-blooded killers who reject peace, freedom and who rule by the suicide vest, the car bomb and the human shield. ” He warned the free world against believing that terrorism is exclusively Israel’s and to wake up from their slumber and fight this scourge that engulfs us all.

The Jewish nation continues to be demonized throughout the Muslim world with such nefarious propaganda such as the notorious massive publication of “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which was proven to be a forgery. Well, it seems to me that the Muslims are actually materializing these lies, for their own sinister purpose. In other words, the terrorism that is rampant throughout the world seems to originate from Fatwas or “protocols” concocted by the elders (or Imams) of the Muslim world. It is obvious that the terrorism that is taking place throughout the world stems from well planned and organized decrees that have only one objective, that of making Islam the religion to follow throughout the world at the expense of murdering millions of lives, if necessary. Watch out for Nuclear Iran! Thus, the infamous fraud “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” should be replaced by, the factual and realistic “The Protocols of the Imams from Islamic Countries.”

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