sacrificiallambThe mantra of a “two-state solution” invented by the US, UN and EU has become the most pressing issue to supposedly “solve” the Middle East conflict, including the world’s Islamic terrorism. Little do they know that this solution will undoubtedly cause the demise of the Jewish State and serve as an incentive to Islamic countries and terrorist entities to toughen their goal of implementing Shariah law and revive the caliphate where Islam ideology will be practiced throughout the world.

The “wise” leaders of the free world forget important facts hitting repeatedly over their faces: Islamic and Western cultures cannot be dealt with on equal footing. The Islamic Muslim culture’s aspiration throughout the world, which encompasses over one billion people, is intent on having this religion instituted and practiced throughout the Western world. As such, they view the free world as corrupt; the U.S. being the great Satan and Israel, the little Satan. These nefarious aims to destroy Western culture and replace it with that of Islam is inculcated in children at a very young age so that when they become adults, they can in turn pursue this goal of Islamizing the world.

As indicated in my previous essay, the “protocols of the Elder Imams of Islam” are working overtime to accomplish the ultimate task of propagating Islamic law throughout the world, through the immigration of millions of Arabs throughout the Western world, and for women, victims of Islamic gender, to have as many babies as possible. In fact, Europe is now called Eurabia, England is instituting Shariah law on their shores, and mosques are burgeoning at an unprecedented rate throughout the U.S. and Europe. But this is just the beginning.

The free world has already experienced what Israel has endured for decades, terrorism of 9/11 in the U.S., 7/11 in England, 3/11 in Spain, and many others, however, the Western leaders choose to either ignore or refuse to deal with this ongoing threat believing that it will eventually fade away. They believe that the key to surmount this plague is through the institution of another state in the belly of Israel, and splitting Israel’s capital knowing full well, unless they are idiots, that it would mean the end of the Jewish state. On the other hand, being liberals and complacent with their own culture, they believe that offering carrots and showing friendly overtures would eliminate the Imams’ nefarious intentions. To the Islamic world, these debonair strategies are nothing less than weakness and thus they will bypass them and patiently take full advantage of the Western world’s delusions.

If the free world wants to preserve their freedom, culture and human values, it is of the utmost importance that they put their heads together, fight this deadly virus with all their might and stop pressuring Israel to become their sacrificial lamb.

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