gilad_180_115_engIt seems that the name of Israel’s captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, has gone to oblivion in the past few months and that very few in Israel’s cabinet is agonizing over his continued suffering. How shameful it is for the civilized world to allow such tragedy to happen. This soldier has been held for three years by a terrorist entity, Hamas, who purportedly will be receiving money from the U.S. to rebuild their destroyed Gaza. How can the U.S. and European leaders kowtow to a jihadist band of terrorists, a satellite of Iran, who have indiscriminately fired over 5,000 rockets to civilian population centers in Israel and use their own as human shield in war?

This genocidal terrorist group is keeping Gilad Shalit in a secret location, and since even the Red Cross is forbidden to visit him as stipulated by the Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law, for all we know, he may be dead. Hamas, as the ruling authority of the Palestinian government, is obligated to extend humane treatment to its prisoners. But what can you expect from a terrorist entity? However, Gilad is used as an expendable pawn bargaining chip by Hamas to secure the freedom of hundreds of terrorists with blood in their hands from Israel’s jails. But even if this deal were concluded, since Hamas is a vassal of Iran and Hezbollah, who can determine whether we will see a freed living Gilad, rather than a corpse, similarly to the heartbreaking trade of the dead soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, two Israeli soldiers captured by Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia within weeks of Shalit’s kidnapping.

For the past years, a huge campaign promoted by Gilad’s parents has been launched to demand the soldier’s release, but to no avail. The Hamas terrorist entity is dead-set in its intention to create psychological torture in the minds of Gilad’s parents, in order to get their demands actualized. There are two different camps in Gilad’s plight: those who are willing to free killers in exchange for Gilad dead or alive and those who oppose giving in to the terrorist demands. In the meantime, the situation has become so complex, that the name of this poor soldier has not been mentioned since the formation of the new government in Israel led by Bibi Netanyahu.

It could be that the right wing government of Israel may eventually allow the freedom of cynical killers and abide by Hamas’ demand since it will be used as a seeming victory and an incentive to new conscripts. Gilad Shalit was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up in the worst of terrorist’s hands. We all hope that this young man is still alive and that he will see his family and friends again.

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