Blue Marble (Planet Earth)
Blue Marble (Planet Earth)

I have always believed that there is life beyond our tiny earth. Wouldn’t it be a waste of space for the earth to be the only planet in the universe that can sustain life? After all, our powerful telescopes can only detect but a small portion of the galaxy. Could you fathom that the closest large galaxy to our Milky Way, called the Andromeda galaxy, is “only” two million light-years away? How about the most distant ones, say 10-12 billion light years away? And that the Milky Way is a huge community of stars, so vast that it would take 100,000 years to travel across it.  But this is just a small fraction of the entire universe which, currently, remains a big unknown.

I mention this because it would seem to me that if a more advanced civilization took a pick at our humanity, they would probably either crack up laughing or deplore us. They will witness unrelenting wars, terrorism, theft, jalousie, crime, vanity, murder, poverty, sickness, not to mention pollution, depravity and the advent of nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, all man-made damage. This beautiful planet called Earth is on its deathbed, unless the leaders of the world wise up. This humanity suffers from a psychiatric ailment that needs to be treated urgently. Unless we realize the detriment that we are causing to ourselves and to this planet, the human race will ultimately disappear.

Over three thousand years ago, it is acknowledged by all major religions, that God gave an instructions’ manual called the Torah to his prophet Moses, for us to follow and obey. However, the Torah is hardly followed and is even ignored. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve; we can either live in peace together or die together. The Earth is an amazing place to live, everywhere you look you cannot but feel mystified by its beauty. We are caretakers of this earth and should respect it by living in peace and not unnecessarily cause its demise.  It would be up to the actions of mankind that could preserve the future of our planet.

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