golden-bullWe wonder who needs enemies against the Jews and Israel when we have Jewish anti-Semitic elements within our midst? As correctly stated by the Prophet Isaiah, “those seeking their destruction would emerge out of their own midst.” In other words, self-hating Jews who dislike their culture and heritage and have witnessed the atrocities committed against them throughout the centuries, prefer to alienate themselves from the Jewish environment, assimilate and pretend that their Jewishness is a thing of the past and nothing to be proud of. In order to accomplish their anti-Jewish mission, they support the enemies of the Jewish people and loudly proclaim their disdain through their writings and political campaigns.

Currently, the Jewish leftists are hired and compensated by Jew-bashing organizations throughout the world. Although these Jews, fortunately, do not represent a large number of our tiny numbers, they are loud and do get around. The majority of these Jews are socialists, communists, and “human rights” cast-offs and “peace and justice” activists. Most of these “Jews” are thoroughly naïve and misinformed. They believe all of the anti-Israel, nazi-like propaganda propagated by Palestinian and Islamic extremists, and try to efface their identity by conspiring with the enemies of Israel.

This anti-Jewish trend can be traced back to the times of the Exodus when the Israelites, during Moses’ absence, corrupted themselves and built the golden calf suggested to be worshipping the Egyptian god Apis to supplant the God of Israel.  A plague then struck the idol worshipers and it was declared by God that he will one day visit the Israelite’s sin upon them. (Exodus 32:11). This passage of the Exodus reveals how a minority of Jews was unrepentant, and lacked moral character.

Nevertheless, we have seen miracles that should make Jews and the world appreciate and understand the realities that are taking place before their very eyes. For instance, the return of the Jewish people to the land of their forefathers 20 centuries later is an unprecedented event in world’s history. What is most intriguing is that this ingathering of Jews to the Land of Israel was prophesied in the Jewish scriptures over 3,000 years ago. Moreover, although Israel was attacked by five Arab armies since its birth, Israel still managed to liberate more of its Biblical heritage.

Self-hating Jews opt to disregard these miraculous events including the fact that Jews in Israel are stunning the world with dramatic victories and their contribution to science and technology. In order to subdue these unprecedented events, they join Islamic extremists and Jew bashers to weaken Israel and pressure to give up land to its enemies.

However, as we move toward the era of salvation, the forces of evil including self-hating Jews will try as hard as they can to prevent the implementation of God’s plan for humanity, but to no avail as the clock keeps ticking (Zechariah 8:23).

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