statue-of-libertyAs days go by, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel intimidation continues to surface in all major newspapers. In November, 2008, Al-Hayat, a London-based Arab newspaper, reported that Obama advisers met secretly with the terrorist entity, Hamas, and that this meeting took place prior to Obama’s inauguration as President of the U.S.  This assertion was flatly denied by Obama’s advisors. However, the truth is in the pudding as evidenced by freshly printed news that Barak Hussein Obama has requested that Congress change the law on Hamas so that the U.S. can continue aid to the Palestinians even if Hamas, recognized as a terrorist entity in 2006, is involved in this deal. We are talking here of over 800 million dollars in “aid.”

Hamas is indeed a violent terrorist organization whose covenantal aspiration is to kill as many Jews as they can for the ultimate destruction of the State of Israel. They not only bluntly spell out this genocidal objective by demonizing the Jews through their media and latest play, brainwashing the population from an early age, but Hamas is the devil incarnate having committed the most atrocious and bloody crimes against innocent civilians including women and children. That Obama in this new administration is willing to speak and recognize this fanatical Nazi-like entity as a “peace” partner with Israel is beyond anyone’s rational mind. It is indeed a dangerous situation that Barak Hussein Obama, labeled the most powerful man on earth, is concocting peace between Israel and terrorist entities. Moreover, to compound the problem, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, threatened this week that Israel risks losing “moderate” Arab support against Iran unless peace is formalized with the Palestinians.

Let’s remember what type of policy President Hussein Obama is willing to set down with Iran. This President intends to “speak” with the Ayatollahs believing that he can succeed in stopping Iran’s nuclear capabilities. He believes that diplomacy can succeed with a religiously fanatical Shiite mentality bent on overtaking the Free World and whose President, Ahmadinejad, has just recently demonized Israel at the Durban II conference.  This moronic attitude on the part of Obama will only prolong the impasse and allow Iran enough time to finalize their genocidal goals. Diplomacy with mentalities such as the Iranian Mullahs and Hamas will flatly fail such as it did with the diplomatic overture undertaken between Chamberlain and the equally fanatical Hitler.

At least Israel has a ray of light by the appointment of the new Foreign Minister, A. Lieberman. Unlike the failed and hypocritical former Minister Tzipi Livni, and Prime Minister Olmert, Lieberman does not mince words and openly says it like it is. He flatly spelled out the inadequacy and absurdity of making peace with the PLO at this stage when it refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and the danger of dealing with Syria, a dictatorship supporting terrorists.  He also rejects abject slogans such as settlement and occupation, land-for-peace, two-state solution. Because of Lieberman’s honesty and forthrightness, he is not well liked by the international community who would rather deal with hypocrites willing to make Israel the scapegoat for the world.

The current derogatory behavior by Obama vis-à-vis Israel is indeed worrisome. One wonders whether in the end, Israel would be better off fighting for its survival alone. After all, who needs “allies” like these? Israel desires to live in peace, but not at the expense of its security and well-being.

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