shaky-israel-us-allianceThe visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu is drawing to its end and I must confess that the Prime Minister stood firm in his deliberate abstinence to parrot the aspirations of the U.S. and Europe for a two-state solution. I believe that he is the only Prime Minister to oppose Israel’s suicidal carving of a 23rd Islamic state in Israel proper. President Hussein Obama, with his broad smile, made sure to continue coercing Netanyahu to halt settlement construction in Judea and Samaria (including natural growth so that women already living there cannot have babies or marry), and the forging of a terrorist state to placate the Arab world; Jordan King Abudullah’s recent unremitting jogging throughout the U.S. and Arab countries is also doing his bid to enlist support for the same inimical goal against the security of Israel.

We all know that Israel is a sovereign country who had no choice but to defend itself several times from destruction against fervent Arab armies bent on annihilating the Jews from the Middle East.  After the Arabs’ defeat, especially the miraculous victory in 1967, the enemies of Israel realized that they could not vanquish the Jews through military means. Arafat, the PLO’s chief who brought his hateful and suicidal bombing strategic approach to Israel’s shores, was no dummy and played double game with the Free world, getting in exchange for his false peace pledges billions of dollars which ended up in his private coffers.  His constant declaration of “peace of the brave” was more like “peace at the grave.” Arafat’s evil agenda was followed by the concoction of the Oslo Accord tragedy which caused over 1,110 deaths and 10,000 wounded, maimed and paralyzed.

Why I am still rehashing in this essay of the imminent dangers facing this real estate called the Holy Land and the world? Because the citizens of the world, whether Christians or Jews themselves, should realize that the pressure on Israel to endure a second genocide through a two-state solution continues unabated with every new President of the U.S. However, this time, the Obama administration is dead-set on accomplishing what others have failed from the very early stages of their presidency.  This administration is ultra-liberal and the U.S. citizens are not yet realizing that if the policies brought about by Obama persist, the U.S. will end up becoming a socialist country rather than a land of opportunity. Most dangerous, Obama’s ignorant strategy is to placate through diplomacy its enemies, including Iran, Syria and their terrorist satellites.  And let’s not forget the alliances being forged as we speak by Iran with terrorist entities and the leaders of South and Central America, especially the dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The threat that a nuclear Iran represents for the stability of the world at large is inconceivable.

Prime Minister Netanyahu who is to be praised for his steadfast and unshakable belief that a two-state solution would be detrimental to the well-being of Israel in spite of being watched by immutable members of Obama’s cabinet, specifically warned Obama Hussein to start taking measures to stop Iran from becoming nuclear.  Through Iran’s malefic alliances behind the door with countries close to U.S. shores and terrorist entities bent on Islamizing the world, the threat of nuclear bombs reaching the U.S. is clear to envisage.  Let’s hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu has the fortitude and leadership to continue to reject the two-state scenario, and, if necessary independently, fight the forces of evil on its track to spare the world of an obscure and deadly future.

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