succumbing to world pressureWe have been witnessing for the past several decades the weaknesses of the successive Prime Ministers of Israel to comply with the U.S. and European demands of splitting this tiny land and share it not with friendly neighbors, but with extremist Islamic foes whose covenant explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel. The latest Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, from the so-called right wing bloc, under intense pressure, I must say, ended up legitimizing the mantra of the so-called two-state solution, albeit with preconditions in his latest speech, in other words, carving out a dejudeized Islamic Palestinian State within Israel’s most vulnerable borders, the so-called Auschwitz borders.

You may wonder why the world is again turning its back to Israel’s existence knowing full well that splitting the land with enemies such as the so-called Palestinians would endanger Israel’s survival. The new leader of the free world, President Barack Hussein Obama, adulated by the Israeli left, is leading the pack of socialists and liberals, to make the racist demands of having no Jews beyond the green lines. These authoritarian edicts originating from the U.S., a so-proclaimed “staunch ally of Israel,” spells out a calamitous dilemma for Israel. What has been intentionally omitted in most of these demands is that carving out a 23rd Islamic Palestinian state within the 1949 armistice lines necessitates the expulsion of more than 300,000 Jews from their homes and businesses, similarly to the 2005 Gush Katif “disengagement” but on a much larger scale.

We have witnessed what transpired after 8,000 Jews were thrown out of their homes and businesses in Gaza. Gaza was taken over by the extremist Islamic group, Hamas, who rather than taking advantage of the infrastructure left behind, including businesses and developed green houses, and millions of dollars from credulous donors, it became the enclave of other terrorist groups such as Al Qaida and Iranian proxies, and produced thousands of rockets which were fired at civilian populations in Southern Israel. Now imagine what would happen if Israel’s continued weak government under Netanyahu succumbs to the creation of a Palestinian state and the expulsion of a massive number of Jews from their homes and infrastructure. Do you really think that this “moderate” Palestinian leadership will just live in peace and security with Israel?

Taking into account the Palestinian charter calling for the destruction of Israel, the incitement, anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel in Palestinian school textbooks and the cultural glorification of “martyrs” and their deeds against Jews under the “moderate” Abbas, this Palestinian/Israel peace initiative that the world is pressuring Israel to abide to, is nothing other than a catalyst for Muslim territorial expansionism with genocidal consequences not only for Israel but for the world at large.

Israel is the only sovereign country in the world whose inalienable right to exist is being questioned thousands of times throughout the media and the world. However, you just have to witness that after 2,000 years, when the land of Israel was just a wasteland and the Jews were dispersed worldwide, no other people ever took roots or built a state in the land until Israel’s creation in 1948. Since then, Israel’s survival has been and continues to be tested after being continuously attacked by five modern, well equipped Arab armies, to no avail, because Israel miraculously defeated every war. Intriguingly, The Palestinian entity could have easily had their own state several times since 1948, however, this vision, as forcibly articulated by world leaders, has curiously never materialized. If you wonder why, you may surmise against all odds that Israel, as prophesied in the Jewish scriptures, has the Divine destiny to be the eternal and exclusive homeland of the Jewish people.

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