Israeli SoldierThe entire world in a resounding and piercing voice is subjugating Israel to commit suicide that is, splitting the land into two halves, including Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, so that the new Palestinian state can turn into an armed terrorist enclave, a la Gaza, within the land of Israel. Many of the world leaders, especially Europe, with their socialist, progressive and liberal philosophy, are blinded to the fact that the people with whom Israel is supposed to make peace desires the annihilation of the Jewish State. Or are they? Europe has been persecuting, deporting and massacring Jews for centuries and currently, they care more about their safety and appeasing the Arab street in the face of global terrorism, than admitting and recognizing the true nature of the terrorist entities facing Israel.

Let’s for a minute face the undeniable truth: A recent poll showed that over 70% of Palestinians support “armed resistance”, and to confirm this thought process, they elected in 2006 a terrorist entity, Hamas, whose covenant indisputably pursues the eradication of Israel. On the other hand, the Palestinian authority has rejected several of Israel’s peace overtures, initially with Arafat, and now with Abu Mazen. In fact, Olmert has recently confessed of his willingness to go farther in making concessions than any other Israeli leader to no avail; by this statement he means leaving Israel with indefensible borders. Good riddance Olmert!

The Obama administration is joining the chorus with the Europeans in their unremitting pursuit of creating another Arab sovereign state to those already supporting terrorism. They presume that they are dealing with a serious and honest broker, the Palestinian authority, whose aim is to “live in peace with the Jewish State.” Well, now we have recently heard from a former Fatah security commander, Muhammad Dahlan, who called on Hamas not to recognize Israel’s right to exist, since Fatah had never recognized it! Have all the world leaders heard this statement? This is indeed the first time in 15 years that a senior Fatah official has mentioned that his faction does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

In view of the above, do the world leaders still desire, rather to pressure Israel into suicidal negotiations with entities whose aim is to decimate the “Zionist state” through “armed resistance”? Would Europe and the U.S., for the sake of appeasement, spare some of their vast land to terrorist entities such as Al Qaida or the Taliban? I hope that the new Israel’s administration under Bibi Netanyahu will have the courage to resist this genocidal hysteria against Israel, to stand on their own two feet, and reject suicidal overtures from world leaders whose interests are certainly not Israel’s.

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