What is going on in the minds of leaders throughout the world? We are in the 21st century and yet, we are enduring terrorist after terrorist attacks throughout the world and yet remain oblivious to this threat that shakens our future unless we awake to reality.  We must eradicate those powers that foster terrorism. If we fail, our future is extremely bleak.

In 2001, planes crashed into the World Trade Center killing over 3,000 innocent people. And in Israel, bus bombings, pizza parlors, Yeshivas, hotels, killing over 1,000 people. In Moscow Chechen gunmen and women took over a theatre and held everyone inside hostage causing 171 deaths; in 2003 in Morocco, five bombs targeted at Jewish and western people in the city kill 41; in 2004 in a commuter train in Madrid killed 191 people, in London, and on, and on.

The world seems to have a short term memory and the killing of innocent civilians and the perpetrators of these atrocities are all but forgotten, until the next round. There can be no question of defending, approving or justifying such horrendous attacks. The world’s hypocrisy is patent especially when terrorist attacks occur in Israel. Indeed, these murderers are called by the West as either “freedom fighters” or “resistance fighters”, although when it happens in their own soil such as in London or Spain, they are called “terrorists. ”

Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East and like any other country, they have the right to defend the killing and maiming of their citizens. If the so-called “resistance fighters” attacks civilian targets, there is no longer any justification and terrorism should apply.

We can no longer tolerate this type of inertia on terrorism. We are being threatened to a life of fear and uncertainty unsure of when or where the next target will occur. It is our responsibility to act together and rid our world of this scourge of extremism against humanity or our basic freedom will be a thing of the past. After 9/11, the Bush administration proclaimed that there will be zero tolerance against terror, and since then, there have been no repeat acts of terrorism in their soil. The world is made of a tapestry of different religions, races, beliefs and indeed they should be respected as long as they do not harm humanity. But they are.

The United Nations was created to resolve issues through diplomacy and avoid the massacres we witnessed during World War II. However, the UN is a useless enterprise because it is unable to take direct and independent actions unless it is supported by its members. Over the fifty years that the United Nations has existed, debates alone have not resolved a single issue. And when they have to deal with dictatorships such as North Korea and Iran, it is completely powerless. Most importantly, the U.N. does not formally recognize any country as a terrorist state.

We need to have faith and courage to fight terrorists and terrorist countries such as Iran and its allies. If we do not take any measure now and prove too weak to survive, then World War III with weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists looms at the horizon.

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