In the news emanating from world renowned newspapers, and throughout the years, Al Quds Day is celebrated throughout the Arab world claiming sovereignty of Jerusalem and of the entire Palestine. Let’s not dismiss that the indisputable historical proof rests with the Balfour Declaration by the League of Nations which was established to support the creation of a Jewish homeland in the Palestine region, which was the site of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. Why does the Israeli government not bring this signed document into light? Why is this government not producing documents countering these false allegations? According to the Muslim claims, Israel is targeted as the “occupying” force in Israel and we have no claim whatsoever to this land; it is not about the so-called West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Gaza and Jerusalem; indeed, the entire land of Israel is occupied (see PLO charter) and, according to frequent allegations from Ahmadinejad, we belong to Europe or somewhere else including Alaska. “Occupation, occupation” is the de rigueur word uttered by a wave of mouths throughout the world.

According to claims throughout the vast Muslim world, initiated by the late Arafat, in particular, the following myths were created: Jews never existed in the Land of Israel; no Jewish temples have ever existed; Jerusalem is Islam’s third holy place and should not be “judaized”; the Jews have stolen Palestinian land and continue to occupy it; even that Jesus was a Palestinian. The Arabs have studied and learned their lesson well from the infamous Hitler propaganda — if you repeat a lie long enough, people will end up believing it is the truth.  Yet, the silence in the world media is deafening. Jewish history and bond to this land is being rewritten for the sake of ignorant and misguided young Muslims who are being brainwashed, and led to believe their leaders, with the aim of destroying Jewish presence in this land. Israel, including Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is a bargaining chip between an incompetent and corrupt Israeli government compounded by the Left media, and holocaust deniers who mingle in the midst of terrorists they intend to defend.

It is incumbent upon the Jewish people worldwide and of this government, in particular, to counter this hoax once and for all, and proclaim our historical innate bond to this land. The penchant shown by Israeli and foreign diplomats to rush into harmful summits and peace processes to extirpate more land from Israel so that it can be turned into enclaves for terrorist groups must be put to an end.

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