I wonder, and I know all of you do, what was the purpose of this 22-day war between Israel and Gaza called “Operation Cast Lead”?? Personally, I believe that it was a complete fiasco and did not meet any clearly defined criteria and objectives! This war not only looks like a ridiculous and worthless enterprise, but it threatens to backfire with a vengeance. Indeed, the rocket attacks which apparently were the original reason for the entire venture continue to fly to Southern of Israel, Hamas is still in power and retains the means and the will to continue its attacks against Israeli civilians, Gilad Shalit is still in Hamas’ hands, Hamas continues to smuggle weapons, most of the world’s emotional response is to side with the terrorists, Israel is being accused of war crimes and now the U.S., EU and Arab countries are willing to pour billions of dollars for the so-called reconstruction of Gaza. In truth to be told, the IDF and its Kadima leaders have utterly failed to restore its previous glory and have instead left a bitter taste.

A couple of months post war, the theater of the absurd is reflected in the decisions coming from the US, EU and Arab countries to donate 5.5 billions of dollars to the terrorists’ coffers including Iran, and you can bet on it. When the world is going through the worst economic recession in decades and millions of people are unemployed and hurting, these wise leaders have no hesitation but to turn a blind eye to terrorism, and show their smiling faces to Gazans, those swearing on their so-called “resistance” until the utter destruction of Israel.

With its $900 million pledge, we are witnessing a preview of the Obama administration’s true colors and handling of the Israel/Palestinian conflict.  While the US is presumably engaged in a “war on terror” they are willing to give money to a shameless terrorist organization while sending a stark message to Israel that no matter how many rockets continue to hit Israel’s citizens, Israel cannot retaliate and cause a waste of their hard earned tax monies. In addition, they are also saying that Hamas, a proxy of Iran and the Gazan citizens who elected them, are the victims of Israel’s onslaught and deserving of the most ludicrous international aid cause in the world. Meanwhile, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are having a good laugh going to the bank over the West’s overt credulity.

Over decades, the strategy of reinforcing the Palestinian authority has not weakened Hamas. If the Obama administration and its Secretary of State do not recognize that there is no Palestinian partner to be had for a two-state solution, perhaps it would be wise to recognize that it’s time to stop supporting failure and ask Congress to turn off the faucet that dispatch more of the US tax dollars down a Palestinian siphon. Quoting Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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