life-on-earthI would like the readers not to confuse me with someone who is anti-everything. However, there are events and policies in this world that are completely absurd. I consider myself as a pragmatic person who sees the world and people as an uncommon curiosity worth analyzing. We were given freedom of choice, thus we can choose right from wrong. We were also given a soul and a mind which displays emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, arrogance, humbleness, etc. As children, and brand new human beings, we are supposed to be taught and educated by our family and educators about the world, to differentiate between right and wrong and to show compassion to those who are less fortunate. Moreover, over three thousand years ago, we were given a manual called the Torah with the famous Ten Commandments teaching us what not to do if we are to inherit a future spiritual life filled with bliss.

Somehow, this world, if seen by other galaxies, is not worth emulating. We have lived through constant wars, genocides, murder, theft, jealousy and complete disregard to our planet and to its inhabitants. Something is definitely wrong with our humanity. In the Torah, it states that God is compassionate and gracious and slow to anger (Exodus 34:4), and I can understand very well this line; indeed God is showing how truly compassionate he is with this humanity on earth. I also understand that many countries have throughout the years developed their own culture, beliefs, and traditions; however, what I fail to understand is why countries continue to be at war with each other. Why some religions are trying to convert others to their faith? Why not live and let live? Why is there a need to create instruments of death such as nuclear and biological weapons to decimate others from the face of the earth? Isn’t the world large enough to accommodate everyone, to rather exchange culture and traditions with others while living in peace rather than decimate each other?

Life is but a passing dream, we are born, and we grow up, create a family, grow old and then die. Yes, die, because no one is spared from this destiny. While we are alive, we take our lives for granted without thinking about tomorrow. What will happen to our souls after death? Have we behaved wisely and correctly on earth? Have we wronged anyone, caused death or tragedy to someone? Have we respected our air, water and environment? Have we shown compassion for the disadvantaged? Indeed, God is very patient and expects that sooner or later we may wise up.  But if not, where will we be heading after our transition in life is over? Think about it because in this life, nothing should be taken for granted and our behavior on earth is probably going to be scrutinized in a future world.

People wonder why there is so much pain, disease and suffering aside from man-made wars, genocides and natural catastrophes. Maybe we should stop and think that this world is utterly imperfect and that we should all reminisce about our behavior and inequities that we have committed while living in this planet, probably unaware at that time that we have done so. So it could be that the pain we are being inflicted will make us pause and think about any wrongdoing we have committed in the past (Deuteronomy, 30:19). Who knows? If we mend our ways, somehow, things may change as if by magic and then we could live on this earth with pride, respect and love for one another until the final redemption.

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